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Turkey has managed to top the list of countries/places that you must see once in your lifetime. The magical city of Istanbul, magnificent beauty of Cappadocia, Pamukkale and ancient historical site if Efes are some places that one must visit. The country is filled with attraction spots, offers amazing cuisine for every traveller who visits Turkey. Just like any other country, to visit turkey you need a Turkey Visa. One can apply for a visa by visiting the Turkish embassy, but then the process is time-consuming. The Turkish government has made it possible for a traveller to apply for Turkey visa online. You can make the most of your visa by planning things.

Lets us help you plan your travel to Turkey with 90 days Turkey visa.


  • Turkey e-visa
  • 90 days visa Turkey visa
  • Perks of 90 days Turkey visa
  • Required documents for 90 days Turkey visa
  • Best time to visit Turkey
  • Major spots for tourists in Turkey

Turkey e-visa

Turkey e-visa program was initiated by the Government of Turkey to allow citizens to obtain their e-visas electronically. By feeding in the details mentioned in the Turkey Visa Application Form, attaching the document online and making visa fee payment online, your online visa application will be processed. You can also Track Turkey Visa Status Online.

Not every country is eligible for e-visa for Turkey. If you a citizen of a country that is not eligible for turkey e-visa, in this case, you will have to apply for a sticker visa. Sticker visa is a normal visa that is stamped on passport. This is done at any Turkish embassy in your residing country.

90 days Turkey visa

Passport holders of 29 countries and territories are eligible for turkey e-visa electronically by paying a fee prior to their arrival in the country. The stay validity for traveller from theses countries is 90 days (30 days for some) and visa validity is 180 days. This means that travellers will have to plan their travel anytime within this period.

The list of the country is as follow:

Afghanistan Algeria Angola Bangladesh Benin Bhutan
Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde
Central African Republic Chad China Comoros Congo Congo Brazaville
Cote D'Ivoire Cyprus Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea
Ethiopia Fiji Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea
Guinea-Bissau India Indonesia Iraq Kenya Liberia
Libya Lesotho Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania
Mexico Mozambique Namibia Nepal Niger Nigeria
Pakistan Palestine Philippines Rwanda Sao Tome & Principe Senegal
Sierra Leone Solomon Islands Somalia Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname
Swaziland Tanzania Timor Leste Togo Uganda Vanuatu
Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe    

Perks of 90 days Turkey visa

When you are investing your time and money in travelling to a destination it is always good to try spending maximum time as you can.

Here are the perks of 90 days Turkey visa:

  • You get to spend three long months on the land of Turkey
  • You can have a lifetime remembering experience
  • 90-days are enough for you to interact with the locals of Turkey
  • Cover all the tourist attraction spots
  • There will be no hurry, you can plan your itinerary for each day and give enough time to every place you visit
  • Get a chance to explore more cuisines. The food of turkey is absolutely lip-smacking.

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Required documents for 90 days Turkey visa

Here is the list of  Turkey Visa documents Requirements that can come handy for you to apply for 90 days Turkey visa:

  1. Scanned copy of passport first and last page
  2. Passport size photograph scanned copy
  3. Round trip flight bookings for Turkey
  4. Hotel reservations for your 90 days stay in Turkey
  5. Residence permit or valid visa permit of USA, UK, Ireland or Schengen country area.

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Best time to visit Turkey

Be it hot summers or cold winters, Turkey is pleasant for travellers throughout the year. During Autumn the days are short but you will be mesmerized with the blue sky view and cool breeze. Autumn is from September to mid-November. You can explore hiking, ruins, or spend time roaming and exploring outdoor beauty.

Spring season starts from April to May.

June to September is for the summer season and the temperature reaches -30°Cs. If you have plans of visiting the beach and getting tanned, then summer is the best time to visit Turkey.

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Major spots for tourists in Turkey

Well, after you have received your Turkey e-visa, you must start planning about the activities that you would do or places that you can visit.

 To make your life easier, here is the list of major spots in turkey that you must visit:

  • Istanbul: Though it is not the capital of Turkey, it is the most popular city in Turkey. Istanbul has an old city feel. You can see the cultural influence on many empire and architecture of the city. You must explore Sultanahmet district to explore the Byzantine Hagia Sophia. You can enjoy a boat ride among the Golden horn and enjoy the landscape view. And yes, the food is something you just cannot relish in Istanbul. You must get indulge in Turkish food.
  • Ephesus: For people fascinated by history, this city can be a real treat for them. This city is along the coast of Ionia. This city was famous for having a temple of Artemis – which is among one of the seven wonders of the world. The city has ancient ruins. There is the Library of Celsus- which was one of the biggest libraries in ancient times.
  • Cappadocia: Cappadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia. It is one of the most unique places to explore. The honeycomb structure hills and boulders create a fairy-talelike valley. This place has a very interesting history. The soft stone found here is used to create fascinating caves that can be used in houses or churches. There is an underground city here where people live for years in history. You can have a view of magical sunrise early in the morning.
  • Pammukale: The area is famous for spring and ivory white terraces of travertine, which is a carbonate material left by flowing water. This surreal city hosts Hierapolis, Byzantine and roman spa city and has considerable ruins and museums.

The list is endless. There is more to it that you can explore….


  • I am just married and my details are yet to be updated. Is it possible to get my visa for 90-days?

In this case, you can submit your marriage certificate, along with this you will also have to submit a photographed proof of marriage with a spouse while submitting the application form online.

  • Who can apply for 90 days Turkey visa?

Citizens for 29 counties can apply for 90 days turkey visa. The visa validity is for 180 days and stays validity is of either 90 days or 30 days depending on your residing country.

  • How to pay turkey visa processing fee?

If applying online there are several methods for payment for turkey visa processing. Payment can be made through Debit/Credit card, money transfer, e-wallet or PayPal.

  • Is it essential to have a round trip flight ticket?

Round trip flight booking details helps in faster processing for visa application. Hence you must have it while submitting the application form online.

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