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Turkey has become a traveler’s favorite destination to explore. The country offers the world’s best cuisine and is rich in history. The country – Turkey has managed to captivate the hearts of travelers from across the world. The country offers a list of the world’s famous monuments. You can see imprints of the Byzantine era, the Roman era, and the Ottomans of Turkey. With an increase in the popularity of turkey amongst the travelers, a lot of travelers have searched about Turkey tourist visa. Let us get a clear understanding of the Turkey Tourist Visa to visit Turkey through Touristvisaonline.


  • Reasons to travel to Turkey
  • Turkey Tourist Visa
  • Turkey tourist visa types
  • The process to apply for a Turkey Tourist visa
  • Why avail Turkey e-visa / Tourist visa?
  • Basic requirements for Turkey Tourist Visa

Reasons to travel to Turkey

Turkey is very popular among travelers for its diversified landscapes. The Mediterranean beaches are a very popular romantic getaway. Topkapi Palace, which is in Istanbul has got a colorful history with libidinous sultans and beautiful concubines. And you know what, film industry from across the world has come to capture the beauty of Turkey in their frames. Here is the list for you that givens you enough reason to travel to Turkey-

  1. Turkey has an array of activities both indoors and outdoors.
  2. The country offers beach activities, sports activities, and cultural activities like a culinary tour or cultural walking tours to give the best experience to travelers. 
  3. Turkey has gained popularity for its food cuisine.
  4. Fresh ingredients from the gardens of Turkey will bring you closer to Turkish culture.
  5. Turkey offers fine meat prep dishes that are lip-smacking and filled with immense flavors and spices.
  6. The Turkish very closely-knit when it comes to family dinners or eating together and celebrating together. 

Turkey Tourist Visa

Travelers who wish to travel to Turkey to explore the country or to pay a visit to their friends or families will have to apply for a Turkey tourist visa. Depending upon your nationality, your Turkey tourist visa can be either an e-visa or a sticker visa. Almost 100 countries are permitted to apply for turkey e-visa. Turkey e-visa permits single entry to the tourist and is applicable for either 30 or 90 days depending on your citizenship country.

Turkey tourist visa types

  1. Business visa – issued for 90 days. You will have to submit relevant proof of your business in Turkey to apply for a Business visa.
  2. Tourist visa – Tourist visa issued to a traveler for 90 days for a single entry permit only. To apply for a Turkey tourist visa, passport validity must be of a minimum of 6 months. 
  3. Student visa – Only after enrollment in Turkey school or university will you be eligible to apply for a student visa. A letter for a school or university is mandatory. 
  4. Work visa – Work visa is applied through MLSS – Ministry of Labor and Social Security, two months before departure for Turkey. 
  5. Residence visa – If you wish to stay for a longer duration n Turkey, then you must apply for a residence visa The application has to be submitted in the Turkish Embassy.

The process to apply for a Turkey Tourist visa

  1. Sticker visa –Sticker visa can be applied directly by visiting the Turkish Embassy. The visa is stamped by the embassy. The passport needs to be submitted to get a sticker visa. 
  2. E-visa – Turkey visa can be applied online and can be received online too. The e-visa process is very quick and convenient. Online visa is divided into-
  • Regular visa
  • Conditional e-visa

3. Turkey visa on arrival

Why avail Turkey e-visa / Tourist visa?

While applying for a tourist visa, it is important for you to know the purpose of your trip. Some common reasons/factors to avail turkey e-visa is-

  • Official purpose visit – Heading to Turkey for an official appointment on behalf of your government. 
  • Tourism purpose – Desire to explore the beauty of Turkey and make the most of the vacation period. 
  • Pay visit to family/friends
  • Attend festivals or exhibitions.

Basic requirements for Turkey Tourist Visa

While applying for a Turkey tourist visa, you will have to submit a few documents along with your application form, for smooth processing of your visa. The documents list is easy and something that you might already have with you. You will be needing the following turkey visa requirements

  1. Passport scanned copy – first and last page
  2. Passport size photograph scanned copy – Photograph size must be 3.3cmx5.5cm
  3. Onward flight bookings for Turkey
  4. Hotel reservation for a stay in Turkey
  5. Valid visa or residence permit of USA / Ireland / USA / Schengen country.


Q. What are the major advantages of applying for e-visa over an offline visa?

The most important advantage to apply for e-visa is that it can be obtained easily from anywhere and hence obtain turkey visa online. All you need is a good internet connection. This process is very time-consuming. Whereas if you apply offline, you will end up spending your entire day waiting in queues at embassy or immigration ports at airports to get visas. 

Q. Can I apply for a multiple entry visa for Turkey?

Only citizens of the below-mentioned countries can avail multiple entry visa for Turkey –

Antigua and Barbuda




Saudi Arabia



Hong Kong


South Africa












Dominican Republic







Saint Lucia

United Arab Emirates




Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Q. Are Indians eligible for Turkey tourist visa?

Yes, Indian citizens are eligible for a turkey tourist visa. India falls under conditional e-visa. Conditional e-visa applies to 64 countries. Conditions that need to be fulfilled to get a visa are-

  • Have a valid visa or residence permit of the UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen countries.
  • Applicants must travel by only Turkish airlines, Atlas global, Pegasus airline, Onur air, or Egypt air. Egypt’s air can only be used by Egyptian citizens. 
  • Apart from having, flight details and hotel reservations, one must have enough funds, about 50USD per day for their stay in Turkey. 

Q. What are the reasons for the rejection of a Turkey tourist visa?

Some reasons that might lead to denial or rejection of visa are-

  • Maybe you are too young and lack any experience of traveling. You might not fulfill the age criteria to travel solo.
  • Not specified a clear reason for purpose of visit to Turkey
  • A mistake in the application form
  • Detail mismatch in application form and passport. 
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