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The immigration rules of Turkey state whether foreign nationals will need a visa or not. More than 60 countries need to obtain visas from the Turkey embassy. Many are eligible for an online visa or visa on arrival for Turkey. Few countries are eligible to obtain a visa-free visit to Turkey. Turkey's government has recently expanded its visa-free regime for many European countries. Now, Spain also falls under Turkey's visa-free entry nation. Visitors and tourists from more than 80 countries are eligible for a visa-free visit to Turkey. Turkey is improving its immigration policies for obtaining visas to increase tourism and economy. 


Turkey Visa-Free Entry For Spain Nationals

Turkey visa-free entry means foreign nationals will not need to obtain a visa for Turkey to get entry. The foreign nationals must hold a passport of the nation which falls under a visa-free regime for the Republic of Turkey. Spain nationals also do not have to visit the embassy or stand in line to acquire a Turkey visa. The citizen of Spain also does not have to obtain Turkey e-Visa for a short stay in the country. Almost every country from 80 visa-free countries is allowed to visit Turkey for Tourism and business-related reason. Turkey visa-free entry is limited to tourism and travel purposes only for a few nations. Spain nationals are allowed to visit Turkey for business and travel reasons without visas.

Duration of Visa-Free Visit To Turkey for Spain nationals

All the Spain nationals visiting Turkey can stay in the country for 90 days or 3 months. The Turkey visa-free entry is allowed up to 90 days in 180 days for foreign nationals holding Spanish passports. The stay in Turkey for a visa-free nation can be 30 days or 90 days depending on the nationality. 

Documents Required For Visa-Free Entry To Turkey

Even if the foreign national is visa exempted nation, the Spain nationals should follow other entry rules to visit Turkey. Spain nationals will also need some important documents to enter the Republic of Turkey. 

  • Spain Passport- Visitors from Turkey having any plan to enter should have an original national passport of Spain. The foreign national's Spain passport should stay valid during their stay in Turkey. And the passport should also need to be valid for the next 60 days while leaving the country. The visa exempted stay in Turkey for Spain nationals is 90 days. Therefore, Spain nationals should need to have an original passport with 180 days validity.
  • The passport of Spain nationals should also have a minimum of two blank pages for stamping at the airport or other entry points.


Other Entry Requirements Required For Turkey Visa-Free Entry

  • Flight tickets are also required for a visa-free visit to Turkey
  • Spain nationals must have sufficient funds to travel to Turkey for three months.
  • Hotel reservations, if foreign nationals or Spain citizens are visiting the country for vacation.
  • A cover letter or travel plans

Long Term Turkey Visa For Spain Nationals

Spain nationals planning to visit the Republic of Turkey for a longer period must apply for relevant permits or visas. Spain nationals who are not visiting for tourism and business purposes should also apply for a relevant Turkey visa. Spain Nationals should get a work visa or work permit for Turkey. If they have any plans to work or earn money in Turkey. If you have any plan to stay longer than 90 days then follow the required procedure to stay in the country with permits.

COVID 19 Entry Requirements For Visa Exempted Nation

The entry requirements due to COVID are the same for every foreign nationals visiting the Republic of Turkey. 

  • COVID 19 PCR Test- All foreign nationals visiting from the countries which are highly affected due to COVID should take the test. Spain nationals are recommended to take the COVID RT PCR test. Spain nationals who are vaccinated do not necessarily need to take the test.
  • Travel locator form or enter form- Spain nationals should fill travel entry form before 72 hours. The travel entry form is the COVID entry requirement. It must be obtained in advance to avoid hassle after arriving at the airport in Turkey.
  • COVID vaccination certificate of Spain nationals.



A Turkey visa for Spain nationals is not required. For short-term stays or 90 days stay in the Republic of Turkey, Spain nationals can enter the country without applying for a visa.

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