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The trans-continent country is a hub of ancient architecture. The splendid views of rock valley, the ancient temple, libraries, theatres and the silk Road of Turkey depicts the classical history of the country and is a star attraction for the tourist across the world. For this amazing and adventurous trip to Turkey, one needs to get a visa for traveling.

Turkey Visa for Zambia Citizens is a necessity or an option?

Turkey has made it necessary for the citizens of the other country to get a visa to visit their country. This is why Turkey Visa for Zambia Citizens has become a necessity, without a visa one cannot visit the country. Turkey Visa for Zambia Passport Holders can be obtained by visiting the nearest Embassy of Turkey in Zambia.

Zambia citizen can apply for Turkey E-visa?

Zambia citizens can also apply for a Turkey Electronic visa/E-visa. It is recommended to the citizen of Zambia to apply for an E-Visa because the process for E-visa is very simple, convenient and you will get your E-visa at your home via E-mail id you have provided. But if a Zambia citizen opts for the former one then the time needed to apply for the visa will be considerably more and also, you have to stand in a long queue for many hours to get your visa done.

How do Zambia passport holders apply for Turkey E- Visa?

Below are the steps that will help in filling the Turkey visa application form:

Step 1: Go to the Turkey visa website.

Step 2: choose your destination as Turkey and Zambia as your nationality and citizenship.

Step 3: Turkey visa application will now appear on your screen, fill the form carefully and provide the details along with the required documents. Recheck the visa application after completion.

Step 4: Pay the Turkey visa fee through online payment method.

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When will the Zambia passport holder get their Turkey visa after applying it online?

Once Turkey Visa for Zambia Citizens will get approved by the Turkey Embassy, you will receive a confirmation mail from our side along with the Turkey visa. The whole process of Turkey online visa approval will take around three to four business days from the applied date.

What are the Turkey Visa requirements for Zambia Citizens?

  • A valid E-Mail address of the Zambia passport holder.
  • A valid passport of the Zambia national.
  • A clear scanned copy of the First and the Last page of the Zambia passport.
  • Passport of the Zambia citizen must have two blank pages.
  • Passport of the Zambia citizen must have six months validity.
  • The photo of the Zambia citizen must be of the size 2.5*2.5 inches with white background and must not be older than three months.
  • A passport size photograph of the Zambia citizen.
  • Zambia citizen should have confirmed ticket of Arrival and Departure.
  • A valid Credit card or Debit card of the Zambia national that is applicable in Turkey.
  • Original Bank statement of the Zambia passport holder having a minimum balance of a 1lakh.
  • Income Tax Details (Form 16) of last three years of the Zambia Passport holder.
  • Last three months signed salary slips along with company’s stamp of the Zambia applicant.

What is the Turkey Visa fee for Zambia Citizens?

  1. Fee for the 90 Days Single Entry Tourist visa of Turkey is 15 USD.
  2. Fee for the 90 Days Multiple Entry Tourist visa of Turkey is 15 USD.

NOTE:  There are zero processing fees for the above visa.

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Do children also need visa to travel in Turkey?

Yes, children of the Zambia national have to apply for the Turkey visa separately for that they must have a birth certificate, parent’s passport attested with the Turkey online visa application form.

Do I need a vaccination certificate for traveling in Turkey?

Although there is no such requirement mentioned in the visa application but it is recommended to get vaccinated before visiting Turkey.

Zambia citizen can apply for a Turkey visa on arrival?

Yes, visa on arrival service is available for the Zambia citizens in turkey.

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What are the types of Turkey visa for Zambia citizens?

Depend upon the requirements, Zambia citizen can choose from below:

  1. Single entry tourist visa for Zambia citizens.
  2. Multiple entry tourist visa for Zambia citizens.
  3. Single entry Business visa for Zambia citizens.
  4. Multiple entry Business visa for Zambia citizens.

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