Step By Step Process to Apply Turkey Visa For Mali Nationals

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Mali Empire Facts

Mali country is connected with the three West African countries, the four connective empires details with the Saharan trading business, the Mali country used to export salt, gold, household accessories, clothes, etc. The Mali country economy is stable; it has been signified as the country of young people as the maximum of its population is of age limits of 25. Mali is the home of emperors; has it been identified as the richest nation, as in the historic period it been the center area for civilizations. Mali grant mosques have been signified as the world's largest creation of clay statues by a human. In Mali country, 12 national languages are used by the local people, for their communicative mode. Its major export of minerals is gold. 


Turkey Visa

The Mali nationalist has to apply for the turkey visa; then only they will be permissible for the entry purpose. Though the Turkey embassy offers a free visa policy to every nationalist for the Mali Nationals it has been compulsory to apply for a visa type of turkey. With the turkey visa, the Mali Nationals will be offered 30 days, and for the long term, it only offers 90 days. 

For the subjugate and rapid covid cases, the turkey embassy has conducted many travel restrictions and precautions policies. All turkey border entries will be closed. Only airline service will be opened, but limited flights will be assigned for the tourist, who is traveling to Turkey. The single-entry visa is available to apply for, and the turkey embassy is also allotting the visa on arrival service for the Mali nationalist

Turkey Foreign Affairs

Turkey's country has been under the subjugation of rules and regulations of the government ministry. Turkey's country responsibly maintains its national foreign relations and policies as well as following the international connection and assuring international policies so that they can gain some economic support from the diplomatic bodies. Ankara is the largest city and capital of Turkey. Turkey country is been a representative of the united nation. It inherits many negotiating relations with other countries for its economical exchanging policies.

Turkey Visa Types

Some of the definite terms of a turkey visa are available for taking responsibility, as per the turkey embassy derived decision. Only tourists and other foreigners who used to live in the Turkey country for their work purpose- are offered with some visa facilities for their needful. 

As all the schools, workplaces, and business firms have been closed for the subjugating and rapid covid cases occurring in Turkey country, those visa options have been closed for a certain period.

The visa types which are available for applying process, are

  • Tourist visa- the tourist visa is for those tourist travelers who want to visit the foreign territory with legal traveling permission; the tourist visa for a short period offers 30 days and on a maximum condition offers 90 days. It has been offered to tourist and sporting travelers, and its e-visa processing is fast.
  • Resident visa- this visa type is offered to those foreigners who used to live in Turkey country, for their work purpose and now want to settle down in the foreign country for a temporary time. It offers 10 years of visa validity. But it follows some requirements, the applicant has to satisfy those requirements after that visa has been granted.
  • Health visa- it has been organized for those patients’ travelers whose treatment can only be obtained in some foreign country land. For health visas, doctors’ preferences and references are required. It also follows a condition. If the patients died from any severe condition, the foreign embassy will not be responsible.
  • Transit visa- it has been offered to the travelers who have to break their travel in some foreign country, in necessity. For entering the foreign United States, this visa type is required. It only offers 3 days, as its legal travel condition.
  • Diplomatic visa- this visa is only offered to governments officers, embassy ministers, and the graded offers of A1, A2, G-1 will be using these visa types for their traveling purpose.
  • Labor visa- it has been offered to the foreign local workers who have come to a foreign land for work purposes. This visa is required for renewal every 90 days, the workers of industries, or private officers slave workers use this visa type.
  • Visitor visa- it has been offered to those visitors whose family member is living in a foreign land; it has been offered for a short time visiting.


Resident Visa 

This visa type is offered to those foreigners who used to live in Turkey country, for their work purposes and now want to settle down in the foreign country for a temporary period. It offers 10 years of visa validity. But it follows some requirements, the applicant has to satisfy those requirements after that visa has been granted.


  • Candidate should have a passport document
  • Along with that, the person working visa is also required
  • Bank satisfied economy


  • Resident visa takes time for processing
  • An interview session will be conducted
  • Police verification will be assorted
  • A candidate workplace profile detail description will be asked by the turkey embassy

Resident Visa Requirements

  • The candidate must be staying in Turkey for the long term.
  • The candidate has to provide turkey country residence taxes.
  • Must have a good economy so that the candidate can invest it in any turkey business firm
  • Must have a high-profile job in Turkey country
  • Working license or work id cards of the candidate are required.
  • Must acquire a reference note from the Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry
  • And passport documents are essential for a residence visa, along with a candidate color image.


Turkey Visa Online

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Apply Turkey Visa

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