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If you want to get Turkey Visa then you have to fulfil many Turkey Visa requirements. But many people fail to fulfil the requirements just because they are not aware of what actually is required. But now your dream can turn into reality If you choose the right to apply for a Visa and get the one to visit your dream country. Many of you just think to apply for a visa and few of you apply for a visa but only some of you can receive one. Most of the individual visas are rejected without even giving the proper reason. 

Most of the visitors apply for Visa again and again without checking what was the deficiency in the previous visa application that the visa was rejected. The biggest mistake that every one of you commits after the rejection of a visa once. 

But what if we say that now we assure you to get your visa Without even any rejection. you would question how is that possible? So, the answer is here because in this article we are going to talk about Turkey Visa requirements to ensure you get a visa without rejection. It is a fact that when you put all the requirements for getting the visa you will get the one. 

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Do I have to submit a copy of my passport while uploading the document for the Turkey visa?

Yes, you are required to submit the digital copy of your passport when uploading the documents for the Turkey visa because the embassy needs to verify whether an individual is eligible to visit Turkey or not. In addition to this, a digital scan of your passport will also help to identify and verify your identity in a person. This also helps to match the details you have filled in the Turkey visa application.

Q. I have heard that it is important to submit proof of your financial stability when applying for a Turkey visa. Is that true?

Yes, my dear friend, you have heard the right thing Required to submit the proof of your financial stability or we can say the bank statement for the past three months so that the government of Turkey can ensure that you can support your stay in Turkey without any problem. We recommend you to have a good bank statement for the past three months minimum so that you can be processed without any rejection. 

Q. One friend of mine who visited Turkey was saying that it is essential for you to submit the address of the place where you're going to stay in Turkey throughout your trip. Did I hear the right thing? 

Yes, you have heard absolutely the right it is one of the essential information that each visitor who wishes to visit Turkey has to submit with complete accuracy. Whenever a foreign national wish to stay in Turkey or visit Turkey they have to submit an address of the place where they are going to stay. 

Case 1

If a person wishes to stay in a hotel then you should submit the approval of his Hotel reservation. 

Case 2

On the other hand, if he/she had planned to stay with any of his friends or a relative living in Turkey he/she will have to submit the address of their place with identity proof of the owner. 

Q. What are the specifications that a foreign national has to keep in mind by uploading the passport size photograph for Turkey visa?

Whenever a foreign national apply for Turkey visa he/she has to submit a passport size photograph and have to ensure many things like: 

  • The size of the photograph should be 4*4.
  • A photograph should be clear enough to recognize a person.
  • The background in the photograph should be white colour.
  • The face of a person should not be covered with any kind of object.

Q. Is it true that I have to submit a copy of my return ticket while uploading the documents for the Turkey visa? 

It is important to submit a copy of your return tickets while uploading documents for Turkey visa this will ensure the Government of Turkey that you will be returning on the specific date. This document will also help you to get your visa without facing any problem. 

Q. What is the minimum passport validity that is required for getting a turkey visa?

To get a turkey visa the maximum validity for your passport should be six months minimum. If you don't have one please Extend your visa validity before you apply for the Turkey visa


When you apply Turkey Visa Online you must ensure proper Requirements for a turkey visa so that you can get your visa without any hindrance or barriers in your way. Well, what are you waiting for after having the complete information about the requirements for Turkey visa? Apply now for a Turkey E-visa by filling the application form. 

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