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Apart from being one of the most desired destinations for travelers across the world, Turkey is the best place to visit for business travel as well. To get a business permit for Turkey you need to apply for a business visa. 

This article provides details about a business visa for turkey. Continue reading further to get answers for your Turkish business visa needs through Touristvisaonline. You can now focus on planning your business trip. 


  • Business visa for Turkey
  • Essential requirements for business visa for Turkey
  • The Process to apply for business visa for Turkey
  • Processing time for business visa application
  • Turkey business visa fees

Business visa for Turkey:

Business visa types may differ, depending upon the country you wish to apply business visa. Business visa may vary depending upon the sort of business you wish to do in the country or the sort of business you are currently doing. This may sound a bit complex, however, the process is not that tricky. Turkey has one major offering to travelers that covers, the reason for traveling to turkey for professional business purposes that is to meet business clients or associates or clients or visit to attend the trade fair. Let us look into the properties for business visa:-

  • A business visa is an e-visa, this means that you can apply for your business visa online and must carry the print of your visa while traveling to Turkey.
  • Business visa permits multiple entries to travelers, this means that you will be allowed to enter and exit the country as long as your business visa is valid. 
  • A business visa is valid only for business trips. 

Essential requirements for business visa for Turkey:

To apply for a business visa for Turkey, you need to fulfill the following turkey visa requirements:-

  • Must have a valid passport
  • Must have booked flight tickets both ways
  • Have booking of hotel reservations
  • Must have sufficient money for per day spent in Turkey
  • Must have all the documents that will be needed to travel.

The process to apply for a business visa for Turkey:

Here is your step by step guide to get you familiar with the process to apply for business visa for Turkey:-

  • Get all the supporting documents arranged in one place so that you do not miss out on even one document that can lead to denial of your visa. 
  • Visit the government website – The website has listed down the instruction very clearly. You need to follow them to complete your application for a business visa. Fill in your personal details in the form. Mention your contact details and correct email ID to get in touch with you.
  • You will then pay visa fees against your application
  • Once the e-visa is approved, you can download it from the website. The visa will be sent via email too. At the time of travel, you will have to carry a printed copy of your visa.  

Processing time for business visa application:

The benefit of applying for a business visa is that you can apply for your visa from anywhere and the process is very easy and time-saving. It will hardly take you 10-15 minutes to fill in the details and submit the application. 

One can simply download the approved visa after completion of the application process. Turkey government recommends that one must apply for a business visa at least 48hours before the trip is dues. However, it is advisable to apply for a visa prior to the processing itself takes 3-4 days. You must apply in advance for your visa so that in case your visa gets rejected, you have enough time to apply again for your visa. 

Turkey business visa fees:

Traveler applying for a business visa for Turkey can pay visa fees using debit/credit card, MasterCard or Union pay. You will have to make the payment in foreign currency. Apart from this, you can consider using Transfer wise borderless MasterCard that convert your money to foreign funds. This will save you from paying costly payment fees. Transfer wise borderless MasterCard will also help with US dollar payments in Turkey. When you are converting your money into a borderless account, it gets exchanged at the mid-market rate. 

You don’t have to pay any monthly fees against your borderless account or MasterCard. You may withdraw money anytime you wish to. Once the details of your Turkish business visa are verified and cleared, your transfer wise borderless MasterCard will be helpful for you to make payment during your trip to Turkey. 


Q. Is it possible to extend the stay?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the stay on a business visa. The business visa grants 90 days of stay in Turkey. In case you wish to stay longer, then you will have to proceed with applying for a residence permit for Turkey. If you are willing to apply for a residence permit, you will have to do it before your business visa expires. 

Q. What are the documents that will be needed for a business visa?

You will have to suit all the proofs stating your stay valid in Turkey. You will have to submit a proof of hotel booking, flight booking details that gives a clear understanding that you will enter turkey on the following date and will leave turkey on the following date. The passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Turkey. 

Q. What is the stay duration permitted on a business visa for Turkey?

A business visa for Turkey grants stays permit for 90 days in Turkey. This visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. 

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