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The visa application process for Cambodia is very simple and easy. This can be done online without any hassle or problem, the visa application process is now done online. The tourist needs a set of documents and after that, they need to pay the visa fees. Then the visa will be mailed to the email address provided. 

Visas are available as per the needs of the tourist. These visas also have different validity according to the stay of the tourist, the payment of the visa also differs from the type of the visa. 

As per the government of Cambodia, tourists can apply for a visa using  2 ways:-

  1. Via online method
  2. At the embassy

These are two ways for the visa application. The tourist needs to carry the documents that are required for the visa application. Then the visa application will be processed and after that, the visa will be mailed to the email address given. 

The tourist needs to give the correct information for the visa application form. Any changes in the visa application form will result in visa application form rejection. 

There is also a policy of visa extension, the tourist staying there can opt for a visa extension. If they want to overstay their visit in the country. 

There are various ports of entry in Cambodia:- 

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Vietnam border
  • Banteay Chakrey International Border Check Point
  • Bavet International Check Point
  • Kha Orm Sam Nor International Check Point
  • Yadav International Check Point
  • Phnom Den International Check Point
  • Prek Chak International Check Point
  • Samrong International Check Point
  • Tropea Sre International Check Point
  • Tropieng Phlong International Check Point

There are different types of Visa available for the tourist visiting Cambodia

Types of visas available are:- 

Tourist visa 

As the name tells, this visa is only given to the person who is traveling to Cambodia for tourism. 

Ordinary visa

This visa is given initially for travel in the country, the duration of the visa same as the duration of the Tourist visa. Ordinary visas can be extended according to the needs of the tourist. 

Cambodia business visa(EB)

This is the visa that is given to the tourist who’s has the sole purpose is that the person is doing business. Some people want to work in the country for them also they can get this visa, this visa can be extended up to one year. 

Cambodia retirement visa(ER)

This type of visa is given to the person who wants to stay in the country after retirement. Cambodia has been ranked top in the comfortable countries to live in after retirement.

Cambodia jo seeking visa(EG)

The visa is given to the person who wants to come to Cambodia, for the job purpose. This visa can be extended for up to one year. 

Cambodia student visa

This is the visa given to the students who come from foreign to study in the country. The student visa can be extended for one year. 

There are 3 ways to apply for the visa application of Cambodia

Online application 

The tourist can apply for the tourist visa online, this will help them to travel to Cambodia faster as they don’t have to wait in lines for the visa. 

On arrival 

This is given to the citizens of some countries that are permitted by the government of Cambodia, to enter the country using the visa on arrival facility. This is a lengthy process as the person has to wait in the lines for the submission of the documents and the that the payment of the fee. 

From the Embassy- on the board

This is the facility for the tourist, who are willing to take their visa from the embassy direct. This is a lengthy process as the person has to go to the embassy for the visa application and the submission of the documents for the same. 

The government of Cambodia, has exempted some of the countries that are exempted to get the visa 

The following are the countries or the passport holders of these countries can travel to Cambodia:-

  • Brunei for 14 days
  • Indonesia for 30 days
  • Laos for 30 days
  • Malaysia for 30 days
  • The Philippines for 21 days
  • Seychelles for 14 days
  • Singapore for 30 days
  • Thailand for 14 days
  • Vietnam for  30 days

The visa extension for Cambodia

There is a facility for the extension of the visa available for the tourist traveling to Cambodia. 

The visa facility for Cambodia is open for all tourists and all tourists can apply for the extension of the visa. The Cambodian visa can be extended for some time for 30 days from the immigration office. 

There is the provision with the ordinary visa that, this visa can be extended for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. The tourist must visit the Immigration department of Cambodia National Park. There is a need for the relevant documents that are needed for the visa extension at the immigration office. 

For more queries and information you can check out the website https://www.touristvisaonline.com/cambodia-visa


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