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This is to be noted that, news flashed a few days back, awarding all the citizens the fine for overstaying. Cambodia has waived overstay fines for tourists stranded in the country for the continuous disruption caused by the pandemic, however, according to a foreign ministry's diplomatic note released on the press and media house. The statement stated that all diplomatic and consular missions accredited to Cambodia on, the ministry said due to the outbreak of 2019, some tourists or immigrants who arrived in Cambodia. Most people are allowed to stay in Cambodia with the official 90-day tourist visa that they are issued at the border or upon arrival in the airports of  Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, or Sihanoukville. If the tourist stays for 90 days, they are allowed to be proved as overstaying the visa and will also have to pay an overstay fine, in case one leaves the country before your next visa is declined. The article has gathered some information the tourists might need about Cambodian visa overstay fines.  so that you can prepare yourself properly before entering the country.



Cambodia has finally packed up with permitting the entry of foreign nationals into the country for the first time since the pandemic started. However, the requirements and precautions are a bit extra than before, the new pre-pandemic precautions are high nowadays, taking all the precautionary measures the country also permits citizens for or to stay. Similarly, now it’s important to keep in mind all the non-pandemic visa information. If planning to stay in Cambodia as a tourist. 

Normal tourist visa system.

Tourist visas can now be easily obtained by an online portal. This online system is launched to make things more digital and continental for the citizen. The new online system, inaugurated by the government of the kingdom of  Cambodia. However, it is very important to fill the form of the application to ignore the errors usually made in the visa application, one single mistake can decline entry into Cambodia. However, the travel visa online service helps to fill the forms and. Applications for visas for other types of travel, such as a business trip visa etc, should be done through the Cambodian embassy. 

Cambodia’s immigration laws are quite strict and can carry heavy fines and penalties if by chance they are prohibited. It is always preferable to avoid such circumstances, which can be rectified by the immigration officials of the visa department or hefty fines when you leave the country. 


Here’s what you need to know about the Cambodia visa overstay fine.

 A visa overstay is defined as, when a person is travelling to Cambodia, which means that you have entered the country with a tourist but stayed in the country, with the expired date of the visa. Similarly, the visitor who stayed in the country with a visa expiration date or who does not renew a visa when its date expires can be fined, detained, and deported. This function is dependent upon how long they have overstayed their original date of arrival.

Get to know all about Cambodia visa overstay fine in this article, so you won’t have to worry if you overstay your visa when travelling to Cambodia.

While overstaying on the current visa can result in as now the question arises how long is it not considered as overstaying?

 severe fines of up to $500. This is why, to make things more appropriate it’s better to leave the country, as the visa expires, or can risk it by paying hefty fines and additional charges for longer stays than permitted. 

To answer this, it is important to note that a Cambodia visa permits a 90-day tourist visa which is issued while on arrival at 3 major airports of Cambodia.  If in case the tourist expands the 90 days stay, it will be considered to be overstaying on the visa and additional charges to be fined as an overstay fine if one leaves the country before your next visa runs out. 



 Cambodia visa overstays fine and charges often occur for many travellers. If travellers want to come to the country and wish to stay for a longer duration without facing any trouble. One must always prefer to go with the given duration mentioned in the visa book.

However, the tourist who stays in the country with the official 90-day tourist visa are issued an overstay fine at the time of leaving the country.Read the article so that the traveller can plan and execute the trip properly before entering the country.

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