How to Apply Cambodia visa for Turkish citizens

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Cambodia has become the most loved country by the tourist from all over the world, tourist love to visit Cambodia. Cambodia is one of the best tourist spots in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has become the most traveled country according to a study done in 2018. It is very difficult to get a reservation in Cambodia as there number of tourists visiting the country, there were almost 6 million visitors, and the hotel occupancy that was over 72%. The amount of revenue generated by the international travelers was around 4.5 million dollars. 

As there are many tourist attractions in the country, there are many other reasons that made the country made popular. People love to visit Cambodia, 


Cambodia visa requirements for Turkish Citizens 

There was a study done which says that there were more than 7000 citizens from Turkey, that traveled to Cambodia. In the 7000 tourists, there was more than 90 percent of the travelers that were traveling through the tourist visa. Of the 7000 tourists around 4 percent of the travelers traveling to Cambodia, they were business travelers, that were traveling for business purposes in the country. 

For the citizens of turkey, they can apply for the e-visa for the Kingdom of Cambodia. There is a visa processing time that is required for the visa, so it is advised for the citizens of Turkey that they will apply for the visa in advance. There are times when the tourist has to wait if the visa processing is not done.

There are various types of the visa option that is available for the citizens of Turkey, from these options they can choose the appropriate option that will help them. The tourist needs to choose the correct option as per their requirements of the visit.

It is a very simple and easy process for the visa application for e-visa, it can be done within a few minutes. The person traveling from Turkey to Cambodia needs to submit some documents after that the tourist needs to pay the fees for the visa. After all this, there is a visa processing time that the person needs to wait after that the visa will be mailed at the email address that is given.


According to the Embassy, the tourist is advised not to make any reservations in the country till their visa is approved. 

What are the Documents that are required for the Turkish citizens

Several documents are required for the visa application to Cambodia.


The tourist is required to have a valid passport, which must be valid for 6 months before entering the country. This is mandatory for the e-visa, the tourist must bring this for the e-visa

Digital photo or the passport size photo

The tourist must bring a passport size photograph, this photo must be in JPEG or the PNG- format as per the guidelines of the Government of Cambodia. 

There are certain rules you need to follow for the passport size image:- 

  • The image must be clear and it should be in color format 
  • In the image head and shoulders of the person must be visible. 

A scanned copy of the passport 

The tourist must carry a scanned copy of the passport of the bio- page of the passport, where the date of birth, name, etc. should be clear. 

Working email address

the tourist must give a genuine email address because the e-visa will be mailed to the email address given. 

The tourist traveling from Turkey to Cambodia must get a hard copy of the visa application number that is mailed to the email address given. 

The application process of e-visa from Turkey to Cambodia

The visa application process for Cambodia is very easy and simple. This process is as simple as filling an online form, it just requires a few documents, and then you just need to pay the fees of the visa. Then you are good to go. 

In the visa application form, the tourist is asked some personal questions and questions about his health, and if there is any criminal record of the person. 

It is advised by the government of Cambodia that they give the correct information about them, they must re-check the information they have given. Any false of half information given must be rejected for the visa application form. 

After filling the visa application form, the tourist needs to pay the fees from his or her debit card or credit card. With all the supporting documents that are required for the visa application. All these documents are needed to submit to the immigration office with the visa application form. 


if a child is traveling, then his or her parents or the Guardian must complete the visa application form for the children and bring all the documents. 

Visa on arrival for the Turkish citizens to Cambodia

There is also another option for Turkish citizens to enter the country. it is the visa on arrival but this is not taken by most of the travelers because of the following reasons:-

  • Amount paid in cash 

The tourist needs to pay the amount in cash the visa fees, that visa fees need to be in the exact amount. 

  • Physical photo

The tourist must carry their physical photo with them that needs to be submitted at the time of immigration. 

  • Long lines and the waiting ques

There are usually long lines and waiting for ques at the Cambodian international airport for the visa on arrival travelers. 

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