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30 days Cambodia tourist visa is undoubtedly the best short-term visa service that comes with various facilities for the tourists. Cambodia being one of the most famous Southeast Asian countries attracts thousands of tourists each and every year and offers an amazing visa policy. So if you are planning a trip to Cambodia for 30 days or less, you are just in the right place!! With Tourist Visa Online, you will get the best Cambodia visa facilities at the lowest rate and world-class service. Before applying for this visa, you must have a clear concept of all details and advantages of this visa. So let's get started.

What do a 30 days Cambodia tourist visa mean?

As per the Cambodia visa policy formed by the ministry of foreign affairs in Cambodia, 30 days Cambodia tourist visa is one of the most famous and short term visas. This visa comes with a stay validity of 30 days and only one single entry, though one can extend this visa for the next 30 days. There are some specific countries that can't get this visa as they fall under the visa exemption categories. Remember, this visa can only be used for tour and travel purposes. 

Cambodia Visa Requirements:

So if you are planning to get a 30 days Cambodia tourist visa, you must learn about the requirements that you need to present to prove your eligibility. The visa requirements include just a few important things, so let's have a glance.

Passport: One must obtain an original passport with a validity of 6 months or more from the date of arrival. This password must contain at least two blank pages to get the immigration stamp from the border checkpoints or airports. You may have to present the first and last informative pages of your passport, only if you are asked for it.

Enough Bank Balance: At the time of your entry in Cambodia, you may have to present enough evidence to prove that you are eligible and can afford yourself the needful. The documents may include:

  • Proper documentation of the last six months' bank statements.
  • Proof of your income tax return statements

Current photographs: You must present at least one or two copies of your recent that should be of passport size and in digital formats like JPG or JPEG or PNG format.

Valid credit card: As the internationally valid and active credit or debit card facilities are available anywhere of Cambodia, you must carry a valid credit card with you. Visa or MasterCard facility is also available.

Confirmed tickets and reservation: Only if you are asked for, you may have to present your arrival and confirmed departure airline tickets and hotel reservation documents, though the paid or unpaid status doesn't matter.

Letter: Try to present a letter covering your trip to Cambodia including your tour guide, tour planning, and so on.

Cambodia Tourist Visa Online Application:

The online application process of Cambodia 30 days tourist visa is really very easy. But actually the process depends on where and how you are applying, because either you can choose the embassy or any online website or agency. But with Tourist Visa Online, you just need to follow four easy steps to successfully apply and get the best visa services. Those are :

First Step: Firstly you have to fill the online application form properly with all the required information and documents that you have been asked for.

Second Step: Then you need to upload all the desired documents as evidence that you are eligible and afford the 30 days tourist visa. Then just have a look at the whole application that you just have filled and corrected all the errors if it has any.

Third Step: After that, you have to choose the online payment method and pay by using various online methods like PayPal or via using your credit or debit card or any other given options or you can also pay directly from your bank account.

Fourth Step: Finally you just need to wait and we will send you the confirmation mail with the tourist e-visa via your email that you have provided in the application within 48-72 hours with our fastest visa service.

Visa Fees and Processing Time:

Visa Fees: A 30 days Cambodia tourist visa costs around 87.0USD, where you have to pay 61.0USD as the visa fee and 26.0USD for the service fee.

Visa Processing Time: A Cambodia visa takes around 3 to 5 days to proceed but with Tourist Visa Online you can get the visa within 48-72 hours with the fastest express service and also with various facilities. 

Tourist Visa Validity: 

Generally, this Cambodian tourist visa comes with a stay validity of 30 days and a duration of 3 months or 90 days but with a single entry. This means with this visa, within a period of 90 days, a person can stay for 30 days but one can only enter this country once with a single visa. Once you leave the country, you can't enter again with the same visa.

Cambodia E Visa Extension:

Yes, this visa is extendable. One can apply for the visa extension from advance or on arrival for the next 30 days. This visa extension may cost around 30.0USD-50.0USD. But without extending the visa, if you stay longer than the validity period, you will get fined.

E Visa Exemption:

Not all the countries can apply and get the 30 days Cambodia tourist visa facility. As per the act of visa exemption formed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cambodia, there are some specific countries that are not eligible for this facility. The visa-exempt countries are:

Laos  Malaysia Philippines Singapore Vietnam Thailand
Indonesia Brunei  Darussalam  Myanmar    


So undoubtedly a 30 days Cambodia tourist visa is the best short-term visa facility for all tourists from the eligible countries. Hopefully, the above article has cleared all your doubts regarding this special visa type. For any other inquiry please feel free to contact us.

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