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Cambodia is a country known for its diverse attractions. It also had the famous World Heritage site of UNESCO that is Angkor Wat. Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkai is one of the most popular tourist destinations spot in Cambodia and no one should ever miss this opportunity to visit this beautiful place. Nature shows its raw beauty when the tourists plan or go to the beautiful landscapes like Bokor mountain and Kampot river. Reading the beauty of the country will make our mind imagine innumerable beautiful sceneries but when a journalist pens down the beauty, it seems that the beauty of the mountains and the landscapes are just in front of our eyes. Cambodia definitely gives the opportunity to the tourists to get a visa and see the beauty in their own eyes but it also gives the journalists the opportunity to to visit Cambodia and write all the things happening there.

Tourist Visa Online helps to apply and process for the Online eVisa to Cambodia. You can apply for the visa to Cambodia and you will be provided with the best content and other detailed information on the process of application and you will see that the whole process is easier than you are thinking. Journalists who all are eager Cambodia for the journalism then they are all welcome to visit Cambodia by just applying an online visa.


Types of Visas available for Cambodia 

Tourist Visa

This is issued to the people who want to explore the massive beauty of Cambodia or those who want to visit Cambodia in order To visit their friends and family who are already residing in the country. The people opting for this cannot stay in the country if the visa expires. 

Business Visa

This visa is mainly issued to those professionals who are already in the plan of setting up a new business. Other professionals can also opt for this business visa who all want to expand their visibility of their own company. The other professionals who want to visit Cambodia for their work-related activities they can also opt for the same. 

Journalist Visa 

This visa is mainly issued to the journalist professionals who want to visit Cambodia and write all the news of the country and pen down the beauty of the nature. 

There are Some main immigration routes that are available to journalist and they can opt for their kind of visa in that way. 

  • Standard Visa for Business 
  • Tier 2 – General 
  • Tier 2 – Intra Company Transfer
  • Tier 5 – Temporary Worker – Creative
  • Employee of Overseas Newspaper, news agency or Broadcasting organizations


Documents required for applying a visa to Cambodia 

  • The applicant should carry with him or her the passport that should show the proof of the validity period for at least six months. 
  • The applicant who is applying for the journalist visa should bring their copies of their ID cards and their copy of evisa that they had applied for. 
  • The applicant should education status and what are they currently doing as a proof. 
  • The royal embassy of Cambodia also needs that the applicant who is actually applying for the journalist visa should submit their visa application directly as they may require or need an appointment with the person who is applying for the journalist visa in person. 
  • Officials Journalist who are working overseas branch office or any other subsidiary branches of Cambodia news agency or any other media should report on Cambodia Events for a foreign audience. 
  • Two passport size photographs are a must for the application of the visa. 
  • Journalist Who will be visiting Cambodia must be engaged in filming a news event documentary before Apply for a visa to Cambodia.
  • You should also show the payment receipt that you have already paid for the application of the visa to Cambodia.


Proof of Employment as a Journalist 

  • Staff Journalist: A letter from the employer that will bear the name of the person and the position of the applicant and also the name of the company and also the length of the stay duration. 
  • Freelance Journalist under Contract: The applicant should carry with him or her the copy of the contract with which will all show the name and the position of the applicant. 
  • Media Film Crew: The applicant should give the brief description of the work and also the name of the company and the name of the employee and also the position of the applicant. 

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