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If you are a citizen of Australia and you are planning to visit Cambodia for vacation it is important to fulfill the requirements to enter the country. Australian citizens must apply for a Cambodian visa to gain entry into the country. The Cambodia visa for Australian citizens can be obtained online. They don't have to apply it from the embassy or after reaching the destination. 

Every Australian passport holder is eligible to apply for Cambodia e-Visa. The issuing of Cambodia visa online was initiated especially for tourists, to increase tourism in Cambodia. Sometimes, the visitors do not have time to visit the embassy and obtain visas. Applying for Cambodia e-Visa is a more comfortable way for tourists. Tourists can gather all the information about Cambodia e-Visa


Cambodia e-Visa 

The Cambodia e-Visa is the electronic permit or electronic visa obtained or provided to the tourists to visit Cambodia. The Cambodia electronic visa will not allow the individual to work and for another purpose, you have to apply for the visa from the Cambodia embassy. Australian citizens can stay in Cambodia for 30 days. The Cambodia visa is valid for 90 days for Australians. Travelers visiting Cambodia from Australia with Cambodia e-Visa will be permitted to enter the country one time. They have to apply for a visa again to re-enter the country.

Applying for Cambodia e-Visa in simple steps

Australian citizens can apply for a Cambodia visa without visiting the embassy by following simple steps:

  1. Step 1- If Australians are traveling to Cambodia, they can acquire their Cambodia e-Visa on the website "Tourist Visa Online".
  2. Step 2- The process can be carried in simple steps by providing basic information.
  3. Step 3- Australian Citizens should fill their personal and passport information in the Cambodia e-Visa application form.
  4. Step 4- Australians must not forget to attach the digitally scanned images of all the important documents. The documents are required for visitors from Australia to fill Cambodia e-Visa application form.
  5. Step 5- Every individual applying for a Cambodia visa online will need to pay a fee for the application form.
  6. Step 6- Australian Citizens can download their Cambodia e-Visa from their e-mail ID. 
  7. The Australian Citizens should keep the printout and copies of their electronic visa to show it at the airport. Australian citizens will also need one copy of the electronic visa while leaving the country.

Requirements for Cambodia e-Visa

Australian citizens applying for Cambodia e-Visa must fulfill certain requirements and must have related documents:

  1. Australian passport with 6 months Validity. Two blank pages and the applicant's original passport.
  2. The latest passport size applicant's photo.
  3. The valid and active Email ID of the Australian citizen.
  4. Applicants from Australia must have a mode of payment for the online transaction.


Cambodia e-Visa fees, processing time, and processing fee

The visa fee for a Cambodian visa for Australian citizens online is 61.0 USD. The Cambodia e-Visa will take 5 to 7 days for processing. Almost everyone receives their electronic visa within one week. The delay only happens when the documents are not proper or due to mistakes in the application form. The  electronic visa processing fee for Australians is 26.0 USD

Why should Australians choose to apply for Cambodia e-Visa?

  • Applicants will do not need to apply for visas from the embassy which consumes time.
  • Applicants do not need to stand in line at the airport because an electronic visa allows expedited entry.
  • The application form for Cambodia e-Visa will just need few minutes. If there are network issues then it may take more time.
  • If your visa is rejected then you can re-apply for a Cambodia visa online.
  • Everything can be done online from submitting the application form to receiving your electronic visa.
  • A fast, secure, and simplest way to obtain a visa for Cambodia without any hassle.



Cambodia visa for Australians is available online, applicants just have to submit the application form and Visa fee. It can be obtained for tourism purposes and to stay in the country for Vacations.

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The citizens of Australia are eligible and can apply for a Cambodia visa on arrival. Applicants have to stand in line and complete the visa process which will consume more time. Therefore it is not a preferred option by most tourists.

The Cambodia e-Visa is only accepted only at three airports which are Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, and Sihanouk International Airport in Cambodia.

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