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There are many ways of getting a visa for Cambodia, as the visa on arrival and the e-visa for the country. This is a great move by the government of Cambodia to increase tourism in the country as most of the people prefer the e-visa. There is a big reason attached with it that the tourist traveling to the country, they require the hassle free travel and hassle free entry in the country. 

The government of Cambodia has launched a great initiative for the tourist who wants to travel to the country. It is a very simple process and very easy as compare to the visa on arrival process because you have to apply three days before they travel to the country. For the visa on arrival, you need to wait in the long lines for the visa and after that, they will give you a visa, when you show them your documents printed or in the Hardcopy.

What is the need for the e-visa?

To travel to Cambodia, there is the easiest and the faster way to travel to the country. This is the easiest and hassle-free way to travel to the country, several documents are needed for the e-visa.


It is advised by the government of Cambodia that you need to apply for at least 3 days before the travel to the country. As there is some sort of processing time for the visa. 

Then after that payment of Visa is done, then the visa will be mailed to the tourist at the given email address. The e-visa is given more tourist purposes and business purposes. The tourist must bring the hardcopy of the e-visa to show at the immigration office and there are some of the rarest cases where the tourist is asked to show the documents of the tourist. 

Advantages of the e-visa

There are various advantages for the e-visa for Cambodia here are as follows:-

  • Don’t require to visit the embassy

The e-visa is so easy to get that you can apply for the e-visa while staying at your home. The e-visa facility will save your visit your trip to the embassy and it is more convenient. The visa will be mailed to your email address. 


  • You can apply 3 days before your visit

The tourist can apply 3 days before you visit the country, this is best because it saves the long waiting at the airport for the visa on arrival. The tourist can apply 3 days in advance for the e-visa and need to submit all the documents beforehand, then after making the payment they can get their e-visa on their email address. 

  • Single entry process

This is the single entry process, that the tourist traveling to the country using the e-visa, they can use the e-visa and it is valid only for one-time usage. The person can apply for the e-visa online. 

The government of Cambodia insists that the tourist visiting the country must read all the documents in the PDF file and all the rules and regulations on it. This is compulsory because the tourist needs to know about the rules and regulations of the country as a foreigner.

How do confirm about the e-visa application form is correct?

Here is the method for the online application of the e-visa, you can check if the procedure is the same then, the e-visa given to you is valid.

The process is very simple and easy just check it once.

  • Applying online for the e-visa of Cambodia

The online application form of the e-visa is done either on the official site of the government. Otherwise, you can check our site which also provides genuine visas for Cambodia and other countries. 

The online application form requires your details, several other documents require for the online application form. The tourist is required to submit the online application form and then submit the scanned copy of the bio-data page of the passport. 

  • You need to pay online for visa fees

After completing the procedure of the same, you need to pay the online fess of the visa application. That can be done using your debit card or a credit card, the price for the online visa is 99 Euros. This will include all the immigration procedures. 


  • You need to check your inbox 

When you fill out the application process, then you are required to fill in the email address to which the email will be sent. Providing the email address is mandatory because it is used for communication purposes. 

When the payment is done then you will receive the confirmation on your email address, there you will receive the application number or the application ID on your email address given. 

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