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An Immigration visa for any country is the visa obtained to permanently shift in that country and become a permanent resident of Cambodia. Foreigners from any country can visit and stay in Cambodia if they follow rules and regulations. But, according to the Cambodian visa rules forefingers are not eligible to acquire permanent residentship or immigration visa. There is no specific type of visa for Cambodia's immigration visa.

Foreigners willing to stay and immigrate to Cambodia are required to obtain ordinary visas and it can be extended as per your request. Cambodia visa can be obtained easily but immigrants should take care of the visa rules and policies of Cambodia. If you are staying in Cambodia for vacation then you must apply for a Cambodia tourist visa. If you are moving to Cambodia for work then you must apply for a work permit or relevant visa for Cambodia. As an immigration visa for Cambodia will not end up in permanent residency, you will need to have the proper visa and apply for a visa extension.


How a foreign immigrant can move to Cambodia?

  • Step 1- The very first step to move to Cambodia is to apply for a normal tourist or business visa for staying in the country for a long time. 
  • Step 2- Anyone who is moving to Cambodia can apply for Cambodia e-Visa, Cambodia visa on arrival, and Cambodia visa from the embassy according to their eligibility. Visa-free countries are also required to obtain Cambodian visas if they are staying for a longer period.
  • Step 3-  To apply for a Cambodia visa you will have to submit the relevant visa application form with all the documents. You will have to pay for the Cambodia visa and obtain your visa to Cambodia. It is recommended to apply for a visa before entering the country to save your time. You can apply for a visa to Cambodia on Tourist Visa Online.
  • Step 4- The visa validity of both tourist and business visas is 30 days. One can not stay for a much longer period on a tourist visa because it can not be extended for more than another 30 days.
  • Step 5-  People willing to stay for a longer period should apply for Business Visa which is also known as a Cambodia E class visa.  The Cambodia E class visa is allowed to be extended for another year. 
  • Step 6-  It is important to renew your Cambodia visa as long you stay in the country. This is the only option to immigrate to the country.

How to apply for a Cambodia Business Visa extension?

The foreigners who can apply for a business visa must have a job offer letter from the company or organization in Cambodia. Businessmen, freelancers, volunteers, retirement visa, students, employment, etc all come under Cambodia Business Visa. You can stay in the country easily with fewer difficulties. Just make sure that you are renewing your Cambodia business or E Class visa on time. 

  • Once you know that your Cambodia Business or E class visa is about to expire.  Then the applicant can apply for a visa extension at the department of immigration. 
  • Applicants can select the type of extension visa which can be ER, EB, EG, and ES.
  • Applicants should pay the Visa extension fee asked by the authority.
  • Apply for a visa extension before one or two weeks of your Ordinary E class visa expiry date. 

If your Cambodia visa is already expired then it is suggested to move out of the country and restart the whole process. Applicants applying for Business visa extensions can enter and leave the country. It means it permits multiple entries. This method is the alternative to Cambodia's immigration visa. If you want to obtain an immigration visa for Cambodia due to work-related reasons, then you must also have a proper work permit to stay in the country legally for more than one year.



  • Immigrant passport size photo
  • Immigrant nationals passport
  • Immigrant Cambodia address
  • Health certificate or insurance
  • Immigration tax payment details
  • Invitation letter or contract letter to apply for one year extension period
  • Work permit

If the applicant or a foreigner is moving to the country because there are married to a Cambodian citizen. Then, the spouse can apply for citizenship in Cambodia by submitting an application form at the ministry of interior in Cambodia. The officials will take at least 2 or 3 months to process your application form or request.  The applicant should also have stayed in the country for at least 7 years. And the individual is staying with the spouse for not less than 3 years after the marriage.



Cambodia immigration visa can only be applied by following alternative procedures like obtaining ordinary visas. And foreign nationals can not apply for permanent resident in Cambodia.

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