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Sometimes its quite easy to travel to another foreign country without even having to do anything, that is applying for a visa. This is due to visa-free travel being made available for you. This, however, can turn out to be bad if you are from a foreign country and you are travelling to Cambodia. This is when you need to take help from Tourist Visa Online to get a Cambodia visa. But if you have been wondering as to which type would be the best one, then here is a complete list of Cambodia visa types, that will help you get a clearer idea about which visa will suit your visit the most. But to get that one ideal visa type, you will have to stay through the entire article and get information accordingly. So here is a list of all that you need to know about the Cambodia visa and its types which you can apply for through a Cambodia visa application form!

  • Cambodia tourist visa

This is the visa that foreigners who go to Cambodia mostly apply for! This visa is a type that allows you to enter Cambodia on a tourism purpose. Here you are not allowed to do any sort of sales business or any other business while on this type of visa. If found to be done then it will be considered as a crime and will be reported immediately. This visa will allow you to stay for about 1 month in Cambodia with a total validity period being for 3 months. this visa can also be extended for about one month before it reaches its expiration date. This visa comes under the T-class visa type.

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  • Cambodia ordinary visa

This is a class of visa that will have its sub-types as well. Here this visa is valid for about 3 months within which if you enter the country you can stay for about 1 month. This visa can also be extended as and when you wish to extend it. The extension can either be for 3 months or for four months, or for 6 and 12 months respectively. It is all based on the desire of the applicant as to how long he or she wishes to stay. This visa type is called as the E-class visa type. The following sub-types can be included:

Cambodia working visa

This visa allows a foreigner living outside of Cambodia to work as a labor employee or as a freelancer or even as a social activist worker. One of the documents that cannot be avoided in any case if you want this visa type is the submission of a copy of the contract of employment or a labor contract or even a contract that states about the social activities. Without any one of these documents, you will not be issued this type of visa. These documents can be issued from any of the companies based in Cambodia. This type of visa normally allows extension of about 6 or 12 months only if a smaller period extension is being done you will probably have to leave the country to get a new visa applied for. Apart from the document that was mentioned before you would also be required to submit a work permit that will help you work legally in this country. This visa sub-type is also known as the EB-class visa

Cambodia job-searching visa

This type of visa is for those freshers or new aspirants who wish to get a new job in Cambodia and are on a search for it. This also allows a foreigner to gain labor and employment in Cambodia. This visa will not be applicable for any foreigners who were already in Cambodia on an EB-class sub-type visa. This visa will also not be applicable to those people who have been living in this country for long enough. This visa can be valid for about one or 3 or 6 months respectively and can be applied for depending on the duration of the stay in this country. This visa belongs to the EC-class sub-type visa.

Cambodia retirement class visa

This visa allows a foreign retiree to stay in Cambodia for a long time. However to get a hold of this visa you will be required to submit a certificate from your country that states that you have all the necessary funds that are required to stay in a foreign country. This document can be a pension certificate or a bank statement is also possible in some of the exceptional cases. This visa type is normally issued to those people who have passed at least 55 years of age limit. However, in some of the cases, there have been found to be acceptance of younger candidates as well. This visa extension can either be done for three or six or twelve months depending on your stay duration. This visa will however not require you to produce a work permit as document proof. This visa comes under the ER-class sub-type visa.

Cambodia student visa

This type of visa is given to a foreigner who wishes to pursue an education in Cambodia. This visa will also allow the foreigner who is pursuing education to stay for a long time. However, you will be required, as a foreigner, to submit a certificate that has been given from a recognized school or college that you have been registered over there. Also, proof of your bank statements will be required to prove that you can maintain yourself while staying in a foreign country. This visa can be extended for about one month or three months or even for six and twelve months based on your desired extension period. This, however, will require all the documents to be produced in time of the extension application submission. This visa once passed the expiration date can also be renewed based on your needs. This visa will come under the ES-class sub-type visa.  

This will wrap up all the subtypes that come under the E-class visa type.

  • Cambodia visa for citizens living abroad

This type of visa is one that allows the Cambodians who are currently residing in a foreign country to enter Cambodia. This visa will, however, need the Cambodian to produce a foreign passport. This visa is free and one of the types that can be used for as long as you desire to use it. This means there is no validity period rule being applied on this visa. However, you will be asked for submitting all the required documents along with a small fee that will have to be paid in order to get the visa issued. This document type can include, a birth certificate or a marriage certificate or any other document that proves you are a citizen of Cambodia. You must also make sure that you have a Khmer surname attached to your name or at least have Cambodian language fluency while applying for the visa. This visa comes under the K-class visa type.

  • Cambodia visa for NGO employees

If any of the NGO employees who have a Memorandum of Understanding, Letter of Intent associated with the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs can get this visa issued free of charge. This visa will allow a total stay of about three months for the first time that you enter into the country and can also be renewed after the expiration for as long as you wish. This visa belongs to the B-class visa type.

  • Cambodia courtesy visa

This visa is one that will allow any of the foreigners’ family members that have been residing abroad. This visa can only be issued if the foreigner is found to be a permanent resident of Cambodia. This foreigner, however, must be working under the ministry of foreign affairs, or even under any other ministries can avail of this visa. This visa can be extended for about one, three, six, or twelve months or for as long as the foreigners’ visa holds validity. This visa comes under the C-class visa type. 

  • Cambodia diplomatic visa

Those diplomats h are currently residing in Cambodia and have their relatives and staff who live in a foreign country can use this visa to bring them to Cambodia. This visa can be extended as per the applicants’ comfort. This visa comes under the A-class visa type.

  • Cambodia transit visa

This type of visa is fr those foreigners who will be soon transiting through Cambodia. This visa will allow a total stay period of about three days in the country. When you apply for the visa keep in mind that you will have to submit proof of transit that includes a ticket to your onward destination. This visa comes under the D-class visa type. 


Q. Is it possible to take a visa for children while travelling to Cambodia?

Yes, you can apply for a T-class or an E-class visa type while taking one for your children.

Q. Do I need a visa if my father is a native of Cambodia?

If your father is a Cambodian then you need not take any Cambodia visa types for a charge, you can just ask for a K-class visa for free of cost. 

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