What to Do When You Lost passport in Cambodia

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When travelling to a foreign country, your passport is the single most important thing for the traveller. They must carry it on their person at all times to be safe. This is why the situation of a lost passport in Cambodia is a nightmare. 

However, many a times, things beyond our controls can happen. It ca get stolen or your bag misplaced etc. For this, it is always better to have your travel agency on speed dial. The experts at tourist visa online will definitely help you through this ordeal.

Importantly, you will also have to inform to the local embassy and contact the embassy back home about the loss.

Under situations like this, embassies are usually very helpful and they will find you a replacement passport in some days.

The Asian country of Cambodia is a relatively very safe place for travellers. It has a large influx of tourists every year and it is important for them to feel safe in the country for the tourism economy to continue blooming.

However, there are all kinds of people everywhere and the authorities cannot take guarantee for every citizen. Furthermore, in some cases travellers can also just misplace their bags and personal belongings too.

Continue reading this article below to find out more about the lost passport in Cambodia situation.


If you a have lost your passport in Cambodia or if you think it is stolen or misplaced, then there are a few things that can be done right away. You can also consult regarding this, with your agent from tourist visa online as well as a travel insurer, if any.

We have presented a list of things you should follow in this situation:

  • Inform the police

The first and foremost thing to do, on losing your passport is to file an official complaint to the nearest police station. 

Remember to ask for a copy of the police complaint since you will need to submit it to the consulate as a proof.

  • Get in touch with your country’s embassy

Visit the local branch of your country’s embassy in Cambodia. They have officials to help their own citizens in times of need.

They will provide you with a viable solution for your passport lost in Cambodia.

  • Get emergency replacement

Until you can get a new passport, you will need a temporary replacement. 

This emergency certificate can be used for at least a week, after which you will get the new passport in parcel.


  • Apply for a new passport

A new passport will come without all your prior visas. Once you have reapplied for a new passport and received it, go ahead and contact the embassies of all the countries you have travelled to, till now.

  • Reschedule trip

Without a passport, it will be impossible to travel back on your scheduled flight. This is why, you will have to book a new flight for the future and also renew the visa for the time being.



When applying for the new passport in place of the Passport lost in Cambodia, you will have to submit some documents.

If you are not in possession of all your documents during the trip, make sure to contact the travel insurance agent or the travel agency you used so that they can provide you with the documents.

  • A Xerox copy of the passport you have lost (you should always make copies for such situations.)
  • Four to five passport-sized photographs.
  • A copy of the police report that you should have filed on losing your passport.
  • Cambodia visa copy as well as details of your return flight ticket, which will probably have to be changed.
  • A handwritten application describing the situation of your lost passport in Cambodia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the applicant will have to pay additional fees for the replacement passport.

Yes, you can call on 023 213 470 during business hours to report a lost passport in Cambodia.

Yes, in order to leave the country you will need to begin the application process for a new visa right away. Furthermore you will need an additional emergency certificate or visa until then.

Yes, you should begin by contacting the consulate closest to you as well as your agent at whichever travel company you hired.

Yes, it is often advisable to have a travel insurance plan beforehand so that you do not have sleepless nights over a lost passport in Cambodia.

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