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Now is the right time for you to travel to Cambodia with your application for a Cambodia visa for Indians, you can easily travel to this place to enjoy its magical wonders. Apply Cambodia visa for Indians at Tourist visa online. Tourist visa online is here to let you enjoy this wonderful experience at a much smoother rate. Want to know how? Well, Tourist visa online mainly aims at making the Cambodia visa application for an Indian as simple as possible and to let you enjoy a luxurious trip to Cambodia. Need to know more? Well, then you ill probably have to stick right throughout the article to get more information on how smooth this process can actually proceed! 


Q. What is a Cambodia visa for an Indian?

If you are an Indian then the chances are high that no matter which country you go to you would have to take a visa before the travel commences. Now taking a visa while waiting in a line can be quite tiresome, however, with the help of Tourist visa online you can easily apply for a Cambodia visa to travel to this country. This visa will be your key to Cambodia and will let you also stay for quite a number of days until it has validity. 

Q. Is the Cambodia visa a necessity or an option for an Indian?

Indians will not have an option when it comes to the Cambodia visa. This is because when an Indian is a traveler he will be named as a foreign traveler, this implies that he or she must gain an identity before setting out with this tag. For this, the Cambodia visa when you travel to this country will become a necessity. Be it, signing into a hotel or going for a safari, if you need to authorize your entry, you will have to show this visa document. This is the only way you will be accepted as an authorized traveler. So do make sure that you take your visa before you travel. 

Q. With the Cambodia visa on arrival option being available for an Indian, why does he or she traveling to this country need to apply for a visa beforehand?

Well, let’s take an example of an Indian traveling to Cambodia, the flight travel will alone take about 4 hours and 20 minutes. So that means you will be absolutely tired once you reach Cambodia. After this, you will have to wait at the airport and get your application form filled in along with the document that you had to carry all the way to Cambodia. Not only this, but you will also have to wait n a long line to get your visa verified and this whole process would take at least the next four to five hours, well doesn’t that sound really tiring? Well, with this big procedure, you will probably want to get a visa beforehand rather than waiting for a big line to end. However, if its an emergency and you did not get a chance to apply for one beforehand, then you can go ahead and choose this visa option. 

Q. What are the options laid out for an Indian to apply for a Cambodia visa?

As an Indian, you will get only a single option of Cambodia Tourist visa. This visa will be valid for 30 days. With a price as low as 61.0 US dollars, you can easily apply for one through Tourist visa online. This visa also being delivered to you within about five to seven days, which means that you only need to wait for a week to be able to travel to this place. 

Q. Does Tourist visa online apply service fees for an Indian applying for a Cambodia visa?

Yes, there will be a service fee regardless of your nationality and this service fee will be devoid of the visa fee that is applicable. The additional amount that you will be required to apply will be 26.0 US dollars apart from the visa fees. 

Q. Will an Indian get the visa in about two days of time if the travel to Cambodia is on an emergency basis?

Yes, you can definitely get a visa on an emergency basis, however, you will have to ask for an emergency visa service that will come with an additional service fee. This service fee will be an additional of 200.0 US dollars along with the original visa fees. This visa service is for all those people who are wishing to travel to Cambodia within a two day span due to an unforeseen circumstance that arises. 

With this, you can now easily apply for a Cambodia visa for Indians and travel to Cambodia without facing any issues!  

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