how to track cambodia visa status

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If you have been wondering about How to track Cambodia visa status, then you are here at the right place. You will get all the information that you need to know after you have successfully applied for a Cambodia visa. Getting visa information after it has been applied for can be totally hard, as this means that you will have to constantly keep on mailing the agent who has helped you in completing the visa application. Now, this can get messy but you can get rid of this mess by just taking the help of the services that are provided by Tourist Visa Online. Tourist visa online with its services makes sure that no customer will ever find any difficulty in finding any information that he or she wants.


Q. Is it possible to get a track of the Cambodia visa after it has been applied through a Tourist Visa Online?

Yes, definitely why not! You can not only get the visa tracking information about your Cambodia visa that has been applied but you will also get a whole explanation as to what stage it has reached and how long you must wait to get your visa. With the visa being delivered in a short time as 3 days you can easily get all the information about your visa being processed.

Q. Am I supposed to submit any information to get details about the visa processing?

Yes, you will be asked for both your application number for the Cambodia evisa that was sent to you through your mail and you will also be asked for your valid passport number that has been entered in the application form before you had submitted it. This is to ensure that you get information that will only be about the visa that you have applied for. This is also to ensure the security of your visa tracking.

Q. Is it possible just to get information about the Cambodia visa that I had applied for by just mentioning the application form number?

No, it will not be possible for you to get detail about the Cambodia visa that you have applied for just by giving your application number. You will be needed to provide both the application number and the passport number before you press on continue to get the entire information. 

Q. How will I get to see my visa application status?

By just following some steps, you will be able to finish off getting the information about your Cambodia visa application. The steps that you need to follow through Tourist visa online can be given as follows:

  • Click on Track visa status option on the upper right side of the homepage of Tourist visa online.
  • You will then be led to another page where two dialogue boxes will be visible in which you need to enter both the application form number and your passport number with which you have applied for the visa.
  • You will be taken to the page that will show the details about your visa and by what date you will get your Cambodia visa.

With just this information you can easily get to know where your visa application status has reached. 

Q. What are the visa status options that will be visible once I check for the tracking of my Cambodia visa application?

Once you have put in all the requested information for checking your Cambodia visa application you will get one status option that will be mentioned out of all the four status options. One of the following four options will be displayed on your screen:

  • Cambodia visa application received: this option will be shown as soon as you have successfully submitted for the visa. This has been submitted but has not yet been reviewed by the team.
  • Cambodia visa application under review: this option will be displayed when your visa application is currently being reviewed by an expert team at tourist visa online. This means that you will soon get an update about your visa acceptance or rejection.
  • Cambodia visa application form approved: this status is shown when your application has been reviewed successfully and it has been accepted by us. This visa, once it has been approved, will get status like this.
  • Cambodia visa application denied: this will be shown when the review of your Cambodia visa application is completed and your visa has been denied due to some of the reasons. You will have to reapply if you get this status being shown to you!

With all of the information now being present to you, you can now easily get rid of your doubt about how to track Cambodia visa status

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