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Cambodia has currently become the most popular country for tourists. Cambodia’s border is shared with Laos and Thailand. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. Cambodia's official language is Khmer. If you visit Cambodia once your heart will start beating, it’s a lovely country surrounded by greenery, rivers, mountains. For its dense forest Cambodia especially increased. Cambodia's embassy never judged homosexual or gay people; there are no such laws against them; equal importance has been given to them. Cambodia is recognized as a gay-friendly country. Tourists, after visiting Cambodia, have defined that they have fallen in love with the country.

Cambodia Facts

  • As Cambodia is a religious country, it has a lot of historical heritage built up. Angkor Wat is recognized as the world's largest historic building. As from historic reports, it converted to Buddhism temples from Hindu temples. It's the masterpiece of Khmer. It contains Cambodia's country's flag and it's dedicated to the god Vishnu. It's been a popular tourist destination for many years.
  • The word Khmer is also popularly called Kampuchea, as the name Cambodia comes from the French word.
  • Cambodia is identified as a gay-friendly country as there was a myth, during Cambodia's rule the queen’s son was identified as gay During their rule they allowed their son to have same-sex marriage; from that time onwards it's a gay-friendly country.
  • As Cambodia believes in Buddhism, so the country turns into a Buddhist country.
  • Cambodia used to have the same Francophone community
  • Cambodia is specialist as the second-largest ranking country which is famous for tourist visit.
  • Cambodia's birthday has not been celebrated as the older people did not know the actual date and those who knew it have already fled to Khmer, so no birthday is celebrated.
  • Well, funerals are quite costly in Cambodia.
  • Cambodia is famous for its beaches and in Cambodia new year is celebrated in April.

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How To Get A Visa To Cambodia?

It's easy to get an e-visa for Cambodia; just apply for the application form. It offers the following types of visas which include-

  • Business Visa (requirements)- its validation period is only for 90 days; only official staff are applicable for this.
  • Tourist Visa (requirements) – its validation period can be for 30 days or 90 days; tourists can apply according to their needs. It can be applied by any travelers
  • Transit visa (requirements) – its validity period is for three days only; travelers for short time visits can apply for this.
  • Diplomatic visa – only officers of Cambodia and government employees are valid for this visa.

What’s Sticker Visa?

Well, the Sticker Visa process is only applicable for those who don’t qualify for an e-visa application. It's a costly process and time taking also. Very few people apply for this visa, and often, the visa is then also not generated often. In case you don't face any kind of problem for e-visa then you must not prefer Sticker Visa.

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Cambodia Visa (E-Visa Benefits)

E-Visa can be applied by anyone. Visit tourist visas online, site all countries e-visa application form with all detailed process is mentioned. Now, why tourist visas online, firstly, it's a genuine site with a 100% security guarantee; no date will be stolen as tourist visas online believe in the privacy policy; secondly, it delivers all you need within 48 hours. You just need to provide all your valid documents to the site during the application process and complete the process via online payment; a receipt will be generated via email after the complete payment process. Make sure you must pay the service and government charges. No money will be refundable if you make any mistake during the application process and your visa application gets canceled.

E-Visa Benefits 

  • First, it's an easy process for anyone eligible for this visa.
  • It's quite cheap and its payment mode is also easy as it can be paid via visa, master card, debit card, and credit card.
  • The visa is available within few days as its processing is faster. Even a person can generate it if it's an urgent case.

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Cambodia Visa

For visiting Cambodia visa requirement is mandatory, currently. Cambodia offers single visas and multiple visas. For a Single visa- multiple entries are prohibited and its validity can be for 30 days or 90 days and during payment service charges and tax rate will be added. For Multiple Entry, you can enter and exit the country unlimited for two years, but 90 days validity is also available Applicants must apply according to their needs.

For applying you must have valid documents

  1. Passport must have six months of validation; if a candidate has his/her old passport, they must provide that too.
  2. 2 blank pages must be there in the passport for the Cambodia embassy stamp.
  3. Your current passport size photo is required
  4. Flight tickets must be provided with a confirmation
  5. Residence/hotel details is needed
  6. Immigration letter must be provided
  7. Application form photocopy with applicant signed is needed

If any of the documents is invalid, your visa application can be canceled, must apply for a visa before 20 days of arrival in case of any delay your trip can be canceled as without a visa no travelers are allowed. Visit tourist visas online for the application form.

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the answer, the applicant must apply at least 20 days before the travel date. In case of any delay, their trip may get canceled. The passport must be valid for six months. And the candidate must take precautions before traveling like a mask, vaccine document. In case of any problem, they can consult the embassy also.

It's valid for 30 days after the validation period expires and the candidate is still in the country, extra-fine charges can be charged. They can also extend their visa period, but it must be done before the expiration period.

For business, visa extension dates are

  • Single entry- 30 days
  • Single entry- 90 days
  • Multiple entries- two year
  • Multiple entries- 180 days
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