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A Japanese often found travelling to the southeastern regions. Japan and Cambodia have a strong bond, Japan has been very sportingly encouraging the problems of Cambodia, also, comprehending and acknowledging its privilege with  Cambodia. As a captain of the country for Japan's.  There is no denying the fact that it is very crucial to have an authorized visa for Cambodia for Japanese citizens to visit the country, nonetheless, the objective of the stay, or the duration a traveller from Japan plans to stay in the country.

However, there are no such ways of getting a Cambodia visa from japan, through online mode, this means there are no e-visa facilities available to get a Cambodia tourist visa from Japan online. 

However, for ignoring standing in long lines and waiting for the embassy call list, you can contact Tourist Visa Online, and be stress-free, here you don’t have to wait in long lines at the border of the country to apply for a visa via the embassy or another method. Contact us, and get your step done easily.


An online Cambodia visa for Japanese nationality

An online Cambodia visa for Japanese nationals allows only 30 days of single entry visa for tourism in the country. It is also possible if a person wants to extend an eVisa for an additional 30 days.


The visa process usually takes 5 to 6 working days and also may vary at certain times depending on the contents. However, the E visa may take MORE THAN A MONTH to complete and be handed over.

 A Japanese passport holder may be required to submit the additional documents or to refer the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for further examination, however, that may only happen if there is a necessity.

One must make sure to apply early for a visa leaving enough time for the process.

  • Sometimes, It is not feasible for a visa company to proceed or grant a visa in a short period of less than 5 working days.
  •  After the whole visa process gets actualized, the results will be notified to the applicants at the consular counter of the embassy on the following date of pickup mentioned in the receipt provided. 
  •  All the required documents and credentials submitted with the application form will not be reimbursed, exempting the Japanese passport of the citizen. However, the submitted documents with the application will not be returned.
  • All the requested documents should be original and authentic.
  •  All expected statements and records should be acceptable and have validity from 3 months after the application form is issued and submitted.
  • The Cambodian visa for Japanese citizens is only valid till 3 months from the time issued and further, one cannot expand the visa.

 It is not possible for a provisional pick up session of a passport at the time of the examination process. Try to plan and figure out before you step out to apply. However, in any case of emergency or urgencies, one can write a letter and mail the same 

The letter should be compulsory stating the meaningful explanation of the problem. Later,  submit it with justifying documents as evidence to call for a provisional pick up of the passport. 

The applicant must come himself, to pick up as well as for the registration and another process except for application if you take the service of TOURIST VISA ONLINE service Application by proxy such by friends, relatives and a non-accredited travel agency etc. but through the mail, it is not acceptable. 


The documents required

  •  work permit card
  •  Certificate of employment
  •  Stating position
  •  salary slip 
  •  vacation period.
  • Photographs 
  • Passport valid till 6months
  • Cards for payments 
  • Hotel reservation documents 
  • Via application form in Japanese.

The following applicants are eligible to apply for a visa:

  • Cambodian nationals
  • Foreign nationals: residing in Cambodia with a resident permit.



Cambodia visa is often useful for people of japan. A Japanese passport holder might go on a tour to Cambodia or visit for any medical or professional work. For which one can easily carry a visa of Cambodia. Here are some majority answers for all your questions relating to visas as well as service to get the visa in very simple steps. Use the chatbot on your website and solve out all your queries as well as get bumper discounts with 

  • Low rates 
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So what is stopping you from registering your Cambodia visa for a Japanese passport holder right here; Cambodian visa service by TVO 

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

To visit Cambodia The majority of flights arrive in Phnom Penh, which is the Cambodian capital. However, the duration of the flight is a maximum of 6 hours to visit the destination, this can be said to be the perfect destination for vacations. A Direct flight operates from many cities: including Osaka and Tokyo. Similarly, there are also possibilities of flying from other cities of Japan to Cambodia via a stopover in the third country.

The cost of a Cambodian visa for Japanese, single entry 30 days visa type is 61.0 USD.
With visa validity of 60 days 
Star validity of 90 days.
With processing charges 26.0USD
No extra hidden charges. The total processing time is  5-7days.

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