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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established the Cambodia visa policy which states that all the foreigners traveling to Cambodia should have a proper visa and passport. So it's important to know everything about the visa policy of Cambodia before planning a trip to Cambodia. Documents are required for a Cambodia visa as it plays an important role in your visa approval. Every country has its own documents requirements to enter their country and these requirements are needed to fulfill while applying for a visa. The kingdom of Cambodia attracts people from all over the globe due to its prestigious heritage and beautiful beauty. 

Cambodia provides all travelers with amazing visa facilities. With Tourist Visa Online, you can also get all these services very easily. Nowadays they have come up with an amazing facility of e visa of Cambodia which is totally online. One can get an offline visa from any Cambodian Embassy, but nowadays e-visa has become very popular and has become the easiest way to get a visa from your home. In this article, you will get a clear concept of all the prospects of the Cambodia visa policy. So let's get started:


  • What is the Cambodia visa policy?
  • Types of Cambodia visa
  • Cambodia e-visa
  • Cambodia visa exemption
  • Cambodia visa on arrival facility
  • Countries who need to get a visa in advance
  • Basic Information
  • Conclusion

What is the Cambodia visa policy?

All foreigners require proper valid visas to enter and travel in Cambodia for a certain period of time by applying for a visa online or offline, doing the payment, and providing all the required documents and information. This whole system formed by the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs in Cambodia is known as the Cambodia visa policy. One needs to maintain this whole visa policy properly to enjoy a safe and trouble-free journey to Cambodia.

Types of Cambodia Visa:

As per the Cambodia visa policy, visas can be divided into various types. For each different purpose of visiting Cambodia, there are different visa types. Let's have a glance on the types:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Ordinary Visa
  3. Khmer Visa
  4. Diplomatic Visa
  5. Official Visa
  6. Courtesy Visa

Some of these Cambodia visa types are also divided into some more categories which are applicable for all the official or casual purposes. 

Cambodia e-visa:

  • Cambodia e-visa refers to the electronic visa provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs situated in Cambodia.
  • The whole process of this e visa facility is entirely online including the application and the payment procedure.
  • After the application is done which takes around 15 to 20 minutes you just have to wait for 3 to 5 business days, then you will get the visa online via the email address you have provided to the authority. 
  • Cambodia E-visa also comes with different types and various facilities.
  • Mostly all the nationals travelers can apply for a Cambodia e visa online at Touristvisaonline.

This is how a Cambodia e-visa looks like.

Cambodia Visa Exemption:

As per the visa policy formed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are some specific countries that don't need to obtain any kind of visa to enter and stay in Cambodia for a certain period of time. But in spite of being visa-free countries, all the citizens of them must need to provide all the requirements and documents, like: 

  1. Proper valid passport
  2. Identify card with proper photo id proof
  3. Fingerprint
  4. Internationally valid vaccination certificate
  5. No criminal record
  6. Sufficient money
  7. And must need to maintain certain visa restrictions.

Those certain countries are:

Cambodia Visa Exemption Countries For 30 Days
Indonesia Laos Malaysia
Philippines Singapore Vietnam
Cambodia Visa Exemption Countries For 14 Days
Brunei  Seychelles  Thailand
Cambodia Visa Exemption For Diplomatic or Service Passport Holder
Belarus Brazil Brunei
Bulgaria China Cuba
Ecuador Hungary India
Indonesia Iran Japan
Laos Malaysia Mongolia
Myanmar Peru Philippines
Russia Seychelles Singapore
Slovakia South Korea Thailand
Uruguay Vietnam  

Cambodia Visa On Arrival Facility:

The Cambodia visa policy provides some specific countries with this brilliant facility where one can easily get the visa in the shortest period of time on arrival in the airport. But there are only three important international airports in Cambodia which can give this facility. They are: 

  1. Phnom Penh International Airport
  2. Siem Reap International Airport
  3. Sihanoukville International Airport

Land border checkpoints of Cambodia with the certain southeastern Asian countries that are Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam also provide visa on arrival facility. On your arrival at the airport, you need to fill an application form and submit it to the immigration staff with the required documents and you will get the visa within half an hour. The application looks like this:

Countries Who Need To Get Visa in Advance From Embassy: 

There are citizens of some certain countries who need to get a visa in advance from the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in their own country. Those countries are:

Afghanistan Algeria Saudi Arab Bangladesh Iran Iraq
Nigeria Pakistan Sri Lanka Sudan    

So if you are a citizen of these above countries then you must visit the Royal Embassy.

Basic Information:

There is some basic information one must know before applying for any Cambodia visa. Those are:

  1. Generally, a Cambodia visa comes with a validity of 90 days with a stay period of 30 days. Though it can be extended up to the next 30 days for any urgent matter or serious health issue.
  2. A Cambodia visa cost around 61.0USD with a separate service fee of 26.0USD but those can vary as per the situation. With Tourist Visa Online you can get the visa with the best facilities at the cheapest price. 
  3. Remember without extending the visa validity period, if someone stays longer, he/she will be fined 8.0USD for each overstay. The charge can also vary.
  4. While providing all the required documents, you must not present any kind of fake, invalid, or duplicate document; else you can be fined or your visa can get rejected.


So in the above article hopefully you got all the important information related to the Cambodia visa policy. Tourist Visa Online has made the visa application process more easier as we are here available all the time (24/7) just to guide you. 

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