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If you a Thai citizen then you ought to take a look at whether you need to apply for a Cambodia visa for Thai citizens. Thai citizens do not need to apply for Cambodia visa as they are from the visa-exempt country for 14 days but people living in Thailand having different nationalities are needed to apply for a Cambodia visa. This is needed for all those who will be planning their next summer trip to Cambodia. Ever wondered what Tourist visa online does? If you have guessed about it, then you are probably right, as Tourist visa online is a visa agency that will help you understand whether a visa is important or not and hence will also provide information on how you can plan your next trip to Cambodia. Cambodia being a place filled in with tourists due to its beauty, is a place that no Thai citizen may ever miss out on! 


Q. Will a Thai citizen be required to take a Cambodia visa to travel to the country?

No, it will not be a necessity that you take a visa to Cambodia as this travel will be absolutely visa-free and will also let you stay for about 14 days without one. Now that you need not fill in an application for a visa, will not only save you some extra time to think about what to pack in your bags but will also let you gain an identity in a foreign country. 

Q. Will travel to Cambodia from Thai not be valid if I do not have my visa with me?

Now that you are from a visa-free country you can stay for at least 14 days without one. this means that a stay for 14 days without a visa will be absolutely valid however after these 14 days you will have to get out of the country or apply for a visa that will let you stay for some more days. you can also exit the country and then enter after a month for your visa-free travel to be valid again. 

Q. What are the documents that I need in order to apply for a Cambodia visa after my visa-free validity is over?

If you are a citizen of Thai and wish to apply for a Cambodia visa then you better make sure that you have all of the following documents:

  • Cambodia Visa application form: well, you need this document without which any application that you do for a visa will not be regarded as a true application. This application form is required to be filled in with all the details about the Thai citizen and must also be signed by the person who will be traveling. 
  • Thai passport: if you already have your Thai passport ready with you and it has about more than 6 months worth of validity on it, then you are good to go! If not then you will have to renew the passport that will be expiring soon or you will have to apply for a new passport. 
  • Passport photo of a Thai citizen: not the black and white one, but the actual colored, high definition photograph of a Thai citizen must be provided in order to be attached to the visa. 
  • Travel itinerary: if you are willing to apply for a tourist visa then this document will b an important one and must be shown to the officials even before you enter the country. 
  • Letter of invitation: if you have been invited to Cambodia by some of your friends or relatives, then a letter of invitation pertaining to the visa must be provided. 
  • Sufficient fund availability: this visa application that you do fro Thailand will also require an official bank statement stating your bank balances, is that it is clear that you have sufficient balance in your account. 

With all of these documents made available, you can easily apply for a visa to Cambodia from Thailand. 

Q. What will happen if I just can’t find one of the documents that need to be attached to the application form while submitting it, can I still submit my Cambodia visa application form from Thailand? 

As far as an application form for a Cambodia visa is concerned it is necessary that no matter how many documents are asked, all of them must be attached along with the application form. If you submit an application form with even one of the above-mentioned documents missing then chances are that your rejection rates can highly increase. To avoid this you can even for a fresh set of documents from the concerned authorities. 

This is it, this is all you need to know when you will be applying for a Cambodia visa for Thai citizens.  

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