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Planning a trip to Cambodia? Ever heard about the Cambodia visa free countries? As per the Cambodia visa policy, some certain countries are eligible for this amazing facility. The Cambodian government has a policy of Cambodia visa-free countries in which visitors of the following countries can enter Cambodia without a visa. So if you are eligible, there is no need to obtain any kind of visa and you can freely travel to Cambodia. But still, there are some specific points one must need to know if she or he is a citizen of one of the visa-free countries. Every person needs to maintain certain entry requirements to enter into Cambodia in spite of being a national of these eligible countries, to enjoy a trouble-free journey to Cambodia. 


  • What does a visa-free country mean?
  • List of the visa-free countries to Cambodia
  • Certain entry requirements
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

What does a visa-free country mean?

According to the visa policy provided by the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs of Cambodia, some certain countries got the right to enter and stay in Cambodia for a specific period of time without obtaining any visa. In spite of being visa-free countries, the citizens must follow a few requirements to prove their residence and that they are eligible for this facility.

List of the visa-free countries to Cambodia:

As per the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs in Cambodia, there are citizens of some specific countries who don't require any visa to stay and visit Cambodia for a certain period of time which can be either 30 days or 14 days. So these visa-exempt countries are: 

Cambodia Visa Exemption Countries For 30 Days
Indonesia Laos Malaysia
Philippines Singapore Vietnam
Cambodia Visa Exemption Countries For 14 Days
Brunei  Seychelles  Thailand
Cambodia Visa Exemption For Diplomatic or Service Passport Holder
Belarus Brazil Brunei
Bulgaria China Cuba
Ecuador Hungary India
Indonesia Iran Japan
Laos Malaysia Mongolia
Myanmar Peru Philippines
Russia Seychelles Singapore
Slovakia South Korea Thailand
Uruguay Vietnam  

Also, the diplomatic and official/service passport holders of the above countries do not require a visa for Cambodia. They can stay in Cambodia from 21 to 30 days without any visa. So if you are from those above countries, hola! Enjoy your visa-free stay and Cambodia!

Certain Entry Requirements:

The nationals of the visa-free countries must need to present some really important documents and information with evidence in order to prove their eligibility. These requirements are:

Passport: The applicant must need to provide the valid and original passport which must have a validity of at least 6 months or more from the day of arrival in Cambodia.

Fingerprint scanning: Generally you can see in other countries that recent photographs of the applicant is one of the most important documents on the entry, but in Cambodia, you have to scan your fingerprint on arrival. Though it's mostly required for the adult passport holders.

Criminal background: One must have a clear background without any kind of criminal records. If someone has any kind of serious criminal history, that person probably won't be able to get this facility. But don't try to hide it by providing any fake information because through your passport and identity proof the authority will come to know everything. And once you get caught red-handed using fake evidence, you may end up in jail.

Proper identity proof: You also need to present a proper identity card with photo id proof or residence card.

Sufficient funds: You need to obtain enough money to spend while staying in Cambodia. Do the debit or credit card or ATM facility is widely available here, still, you need to have enough cash money with you as well. Also, you may need to show the hotel reservation document and your arrival and departure airline tickets.

Vaccination certificate: Citizens of some specific countries need to provide a recent international vaccination certificate or else they can only enter the country after being vaccinated before traveling, especially in case they're coming from any infected country.

Visa restrictions: Even if you belong from one of the visa-free countries, still you need to maintain the visa restrictions strictly. As per the restrictions, there are certain places or areas where outsiders and foreigners can not enter. You will learn about these while you arrive there. 


Q. Is Cambodia a visa-free country?

A. No Cambodia is not a visa-free country. Most foreigners need to obtain a visa to enter here but there are some specific countries that we have discussed above that don't require any kind of visa to travel to Cambodia. But they must need to provide all the required documents to prove their eligibility.

Q. Is Cambodia visa-free for Indians?

A. No, Indians can obtain an e-visa or a visa on arrival to enter and travel in Cambodia with a maximum stay duration of 30 days.

Q. How long can I stay in Cambodia without any visa?

A. Generally, it depends on which country you belong to. As per your country, you can stay from 14 to 30 days without any visa but only if you belong from a visa-exempt country.

Q. Can a Filipino travel to Cambodia without any visa?

A. Yes, Filipinos can travel to Cambodia and stay up to 30 days without obtaining any visa as the Philippines is under the visa exempted countries of Cambodia.


So hopefully all your doubts regarding the Cambodia visa-free countries got cleared up. If you are from the above-mentioned countries, hola!! Pack your languages and get the necessary documents and fly over Cambodia!! If you still have any unsolved inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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