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Before traveling to Cambodia, Cambodia Visa Requirements is something you learn in detail to avoid any kind of trouble. Undoubtedly Cambodia, the paradise of Southeast Asia provides all the travelers a well-developed visa policy. Requirements of Cambodia visa can vary as per your purpose of visiting and the country you belong to. But please follow the requirements strictly, unless you can get into trouble. So planning a trip to Cambodia? Tourist Visa Online is here 24/7 to guide you in the proper way. There's nothing to worry about! Just keep all the required documents and information. Now let's get started: 

Visa And Passport Requirements:

Visa and passport are the two most important pieces of evidence for every individual to prove that they are eligible to enter and stay in Cambodia for a certain period of time. Though there are some specific nationalities who don't require any visa to enter here, in this article you will learn about them as well. 

Visa: For traveling in Cambodia the most important document you need is a Cambodia visa. But now you can easily apply it online and get it via your provided email id as a Cambodia e-visa.

Passport: The second most important document that you require to apply for any international trip, let it be Cambodia, in this case, is undoubtedly your passport which must be valid. The criteria your passport must need to fulfill are:

  • The passport should be valid for at least 6 months, from the day of your arrival in Cambodia.
  • It must contain a minimum of two blank pages in order to get the immigration stamps from the border crossings while entering or leaving Cambodia.
  • Passport should not get any damage at any cost, please be careful!

Other Essential Required Documents:

There are also some really important information and documents you need to present on the border crossing to get your visa verified properly without any trouble. Those are:

Photographs: One of the most important documents is your recent photograph, minimum 2 in number, and passport-sized. In case if you don't have any copies, you need to spend a small amount of money at the border checkpoint for a scanned copy of your passport.

Hotel reservation: You must present a confirmed hotel reservation document through the paid or unpaid status doesn't matter.

Confirmed airline tickets: You need to prove the span of your stay in Cambodia by providing the confirmed airline tickets of your arrival and departure from here at the border crossing.

Bank statements and tax return documents: in order to prove that you can easily afford the whole journey and stay in Cambodia you need to provide your last 6 months bank statements as well as an income tax return document. Remember never ever think about providing any fake document that can cause trouble and you can even end up in jail.

Copy of credit card: you don't need to show enough cash money, but as the debit and credit card facility and ATM service is available anywhere in this country so you need to present a copy of your credit card as proper evidence.

Some important specific visa requirements:

For Business Visa: In this case, you need to present a business cover letter or invitation or employment letter from the organization or company of Cambodia as actual evidence.

For Tourist Visa: You have to present valid evidence of tour an arrangement including your arrival and departure tickets are entry passes for the tourist spots.

For Transit Visa: Here you have to prove that you are using Cambodia just as a medium to reach your ultimate goal. You need to provide both of your arrival and departure tickets.

For Medical Visa: For pursuing this type of visa, you have to present the medical reference letter from the hospital in your country and an acceptance letter from the hospital or doctor in Cambodia. You also need to prove your health condition by presenting previous medical reports if possible (if you are the patient).

Countries Who Need To Get Visa in Advance:

There are citizens of some certain countries who need to get a visa in advance from the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in their own country. Those countries are: 

Afghanistan Algeria Arab Saudi
Bangladesh Iran Iraq
Nigeria Pakistan Sri Lanka

So if you are a citizen of these above countries then you must visit the Royal Embassy. 

Nationalities Who Don't Require Cambodia Visa:

Citizens of some specific countries don't require any Visa stay and visit Cambodia for a certain period of time which can be either 30 days or 14 days. So these visa-exempt countries are: 

For 30 days: 

Indonesia Laos Malaysia
Philippines Singapore Vietnam

For 14 days: 

Brunei Seychelles Thailand

So if you are from those above countries, hola! Enjoy your visa-free stay and Cambodia! 

Required Visa Fees:

The visa fee of the Cambodia visa is not too expensive and can vary as per your visa type and the season. Generally, this visa costs around 61 USD, and the service we can always vary. But without extending your visa, if you choose to overstay then you will be fined around $8 per overstay. 

Time Required For Visa Application: 

  • Visa application time: the journey takes around 15 to 20 minutes to apply for a Cambodia e-visa online. you just need to fill the application form, upload the documents and pay online then just wait till you get the visa. 
  • Visa processing time: It takes around 3-5 working days, to process the visa. But with Tourist Visa Online, you can get the visa within 48 hours with our express visa service. 


Hopefully, you got a detailed analysis of Cambodia visa requirements. Please provide proper information and documents which must be valid and real. Tourist Visa Online is always here with you, you can ask queries at any time.

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