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Cambodia has long been acknowledged as one of the world's top tourism attractions. As a tourist, you must be eager to discover and experience Cambodia. We may claim that the country has a vast and storied tradition, as well as a beautiful culture. However, as a historical and cultural area, it has a plethora of restrictions and laws. The nation has indeed been described as having extremely stringent paperwork requirements for tourists applying for visas to visit the country. It is critical to meet the paperwork criteria and pay the price in order to obtain a visa for the nation.

 This article will educate you with everything you need to know about Cambodian visa fees and the requirements for obtaining one.  Check out to know the required visa fee of tousit visa online



Since the Cambodian government is a favourite tourist destination, many people want to go there. But to get a visa, applicants have to meet certain requirements.

  • To get a Cambodian visa, one should  have to have a passport with six months of validity or more
  • at least 2 blank pages for the visa stamp
  •  and one single blank page for the entry stamp. 
  • You also need to provide your travel itinerary and prove that you have enough money for your stay in Cambodia.
  • Photographs should be passport size. 


Why choose Cambodia over other countries 

The list of documents needed for obtaining a visa to enter Cambodia can be found on their website: Once you have all these documents and prepare to send them, you can proceed with paying your visa fee and then wait for your application to be processed. 

  • The required fee for a Cambodia visa should be paid through RUPAY/ Mastercard/VISA/WechatPay/JCB/UnionPay/Alipay
  • The visa application form should be duly signed by the candidate and filled in with all the correct statements.
  • Proof of the return air ticket information
  • Travel insurance is to be done beforehand. The insurance of the travel must be acceptable and working throughout the stay. 
  • The Income-tax return was filed for the last 3 to 4 years of the green cardholder.
  • A bank statement with a stamp and a bank logo from a green cardholder. It should be kept up to date for a maximum of 6 months. When applying for a Cambodia visa, you must present your airline itinerary, hotel reservation confirmation, and any other supporting papers that demonstrate your financial stability.

Furthermore, a necessary visa costs numerous entries, which are dependent on green card holders on various services. However, TVO believes in charging a reasonable price to clients, with the main required fee being the overall visa fee and processing expenses.

How is Cambodia an important country to visit? Know why a visa is needed to travel to Cambodia?

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia being the  Indochina Mainland, It is bordered by Thailand to the west, Laos to the north and east, and Vietnam to the south. This makes the country more selflessly beautiful and natural. However, A Visa is an official document issued by the government allowing a person to enter and stay in that country. A visa is mainly prescribed by the government, A visa typically has 3 components:

  •  Identification of the person requesting the visa (when available)  this may also  include the required documents, including the  passport information and birthplace,
  • the identification of the country for which it is issued – this is to identify where they live now or where they will be travelling to, and its purpose to do the same, are they reliable and have potential to apply and earn their living.  
  • -Security features such as holograms or watermarks.

However, this shows how The requirements for Cambodian visas are quite easy and can be completed easily, just make sure to hold onto all the documents before you start applying for the visa.


Fee program of tvo

The Tourist visa online visa service provides you with the best and reasonable and flexible charges of the visa as well as the processing charges.  

The 30 days type of tourist visa has a visa validity of 90 days and a stay validity of 30 days = the total visa charge is 61.0 USD. The whole processing charge takes almost 6- 7 working days, with 0 processing charges.

The government site has a fee structure of USD 35 +USD 26.

Cambodia visa fee is a type of visa that allows a tourist to enter Cambodia and stay for a specific period.


Travel visa online, where you can get the most up-to-date visa information for Cambodia, can be considered your favourite travel partner. The visa service's official website offers the reader with relevant and important information on what has to be done in order to obtain a visa at an affordable visa charge.

The most significant change to Cambodia's visa process is that applicants must submit an online application and pay the price with a bank card. There will be no phone calls, emails, or faxes accepted.   The entire e visa procedure for entering Cambodia, on the other hand, is simple, although it may take a few days to complete. If you are not in a rush, it is worthwhile to go through the process so that you do not have any problems when you arrive in Cambodia.

  1. Apply for a visa approval letter from the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia.  
  2. The validity of your passport must be atleast 6 months. 

3) Get an e-visa through travel agencies or online

4) Apply for a Cambodian Tourist Visa at least one day before your arrival date

Get to know how the article provides the reader with information on what needs to be done to get a visa easily at bare minimum cost.

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