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If you have a flight layover in Cambodia for a while, it is always a good idea to get out of the airport for a short duration and explore the place. Travellers will require a Cambodia transit visa for this purpose.

In the event that you have more than one layover flights, you might need several transit visas and for that, you can avail the services of a travel agency like tourist visa online.

Cambodia has three international airports where your flight is most likely to land. If you have a transit visa to Cambodia, then you can easily venture outside the premises and explore the city.

This South-Asian nation is very well known for catering to their tourists with their beautiful resorts, beaches and food. Along the gulf coastline, is a great beach span where you can visit restaurants and inns. 

Furthermore, you can make short trips to its museums and ancient archaeological exhibitions. Visit the Royal Palace which is the definition of glitter in the capital.

Angkor Wat boasts of one of the most beautiful ruined temples built centuries ago, which is now one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country. A transit visa lasts for up to a week which is more than enough for visitors to explore these places. Continue to read the article below and find out how to get transit visa for Cambodia.



Before learning more about the transit visa requirements for Cambodia, here are a few facts about this visa you should know before applying:

  • This visa is also popularly referred to as the D visa in this south Asian country.
  • These visas last for a maximum of 96 hours, so the visitors cannot remain in the country longer than that.
  • It is issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and international cooperation, through a consulate or authorised travel agencies like tourist visa online.
  • The citizens of some authorised countries can get their transit visas issued right at the airport.

A transit visa to Cambodia or any other country is important for the country’s security so that everyone stepping foot in the nation is accounted for.



All applicants who have either applied online or have opted for the visa on arrival will have to present these documents mentioned below to the airport authorities:

  • Valid Passport of your country, with at least two blank pages.
  • One recent passport-sized picture, coloured and taken against a white background.
  • Your flight tickets to the final destination and its approved visa.
  • Details of your flight.
  • Medical insurance certificates.
  • Covid 19 negative RT-PCR report or a vaccination certificate.
  • Copies of your passport data pages.
  • Details of any accommodation if you have booked any for the three days of visa validity.

Before travelling, you should get the documents checked by an official at your trustworthy travel agency so that the papers meet the transit visa requirements for Cambodia. It is a major cause for rejections.


Application process

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the transit visa to Cambodia:

  • Either visit the embassy office near your address or go to the official website for application.
  • You will also have to identify the kind of transit visa you need and mention it clearly in the form.
  • Attach the documents with the form, either digitally or in-person and submit them.
  • Pay the required visa fee and submit the payment receipt you receive afterwards.
  • Once you have double-checked all the transit visa requirements for Cambodia, submit and wait for a response on your email.

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a Cambodia airport transit visa is only applicable for a sum total of 96 hours. It is mandatory for the visitors to leave the country after that.

Yes, organisations like tourist visa online provide tracking services after you have applied for a visa. For this, you will only have to enter the acknowledgement number mailed to you in the confirmation email.

No, it is not an issue mandated by the authorities. There is no need for a transit visa if you do not plan to step out of the airport.

Your Cambodia transit visa should arrive in a week’s time after application. But it is advised to apply at least a month before the day of your trip.

The transit visa fee will be $20 however, it can also further include some taxes amounting to a further $8.

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