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There are different laws of every country when a foreigner comes to their country for marriage. But there are some cases where the citizens of other countries come and marry their citizens and take them to their country. like every other country, there are few conditions for marrying a citizen that is, the person should not be married before or has been fully divorced and never has committed any crimes.

There are various provisions for marrying a Cambodian Citizen. They should be completed by the person who wishes to marry a Cambodian citizen.

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Marrying to a Cambodian Citizen

For the foreign national who wishes to marry a Cambodian citizen, there are few conditions that the person needs to fulfill:

  • They need to prove that are not married
  • They are fully divorced, if they are married before
  • They are not indulged in any criminal activities, or they don’t have any criminal record.

There are provisions in “Chapter III Article 3” for the outside citizen who want to marry a Cambodian Citizen. Which says, 


Article 5:

A foreign man or woman who got married to a Khmer wife or husband may demand Khmer nationality/citizenship only if such man or woman have been living together for three (3) years, after registration of a marriage certificate.

A formality and procedure for the demand of Khmer nationality/citizenship shall be determined by Sub-decree.

The grant of Khmer nationality/citizenship following the case of demand for it shall be decided by Royal-decree.

Article 6:

Khmer citizens shall not lose their Khmer nationality/ citizenship because they got married to foreigners.


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Citizenship by marriage

There are many cases, where the citizens of other countries come to Cambodia. They fell in love with a Cambodian citizen, some conditions are attached with the provisions to marry a Cambodian citizen. They have to get their marriage registered to get Cambodian Citizenship through marriage.

If a foreign citizen marries a citizen of Cambodia, they have to live for 3 years.

The citizens who want to marry a Cambodian citizen, have to contact the Legal and Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFA). The department in the embassy checks for the Criminal record of the Citizens, the citizens who wish to marry a Cambodian citizen must be having a monthly income of $2500.

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Basic requirements for Cambodian Marriage

  • Time requirements

The citizen must come before 31-52 days before the marriage, to complete the process. Many formalities are needed to be done like:-

  • 21 days of residency
  • 10 days before the marriage
  • 3 weeks to post intention to marry

These are the formalities that are needed to be done before the marriage.

  • Necessary legal documents

The documents that are listed below should be translated into the Khmer language or English language. All these documents must be submitted to your home country's embassy or the Embassy in Cambodia. For translation you need to contact the translator. after you submit the translated documents, you need to keep the original documents in your native language for verification.

  • Certified copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Visas and their photocopies
  • Criminal records
  • Medical certificate from Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh
  • Certificate of the profession
  • Bank statements that show the monthly income
  • Certificate proving that not married
  • Divorce certificate if married earlier
  • Marriage application form

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Legal requirements to get married  


The marriage that is recognized in Cambodia is Civil and religious weddings that are legally recognized in Cambodia. The ceremony is performed in Khmer (Cambodian language), if either of the party doesn’t speak their language then a translator will be hired.

Age and the relation

The age of the bride must be at least 18 years. The age of the Groom must be at least 20 years. Both the groom and the bride should not be in blood relation with each other.

Any foreign citizen who wishes to marry a Cambodian woman must not be older than 50 years and his monthly income should be a minimum of $2500.

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Witnesses should be present

There must be at least 2 witnesses must be present at the ceremony, they both should be at least 18 years old and both should be of sound mind. Both of them have to provide their passports.

Registry of the marriage

Both the husband and wife should live in the same district of their embassy or the Consulate in Cambodia for 21 days before filling their notice of intention to marry. Both the parties should carry there all of the paperwork and the photocopies of these documents they have.

It is highly recommended that you have to make an appointment in advance with the “Consul or Vice-consul”. This will assure them you will come in person and your oath commissioner with the intention of marriage after the completion of 21 days of residency.

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