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Worrying about Do I need an Ivory Coast visa in your mind! Then no need to worry anymore. Tourist visa online is here to solve all of your issues regarding the Ivory Coast visa application. This visa to go to Ivory Coast as all might know is something that only a few requirements, so we’ll run through all of the main information you need to know while applying for a visa. This article will also give you information on whether you actually need one or not!


Q. What is an Ivory Coast visa for foreigners?

This visa is a document that allows you to stay in the Ivory Coast for a definite period of time. Once this visa expires you are asked to move out of the country. This moving out is only for those who are foreigners and have not been registered in the journal of citizens of the Ivory Coast. This means if you are a citizen there’s no running away from the country for you. While if you are a foreigner-only a particular allowed time will be given.

Q. Which are the countries that will need a visa before going to Ivory Coast?

The countries apart from those that have been mentioned in the visa exemption list must most definitely take a visa. That means all of the other countries apart from the 23 visa-free allowed countries must possess a visa.

Q. Which are the countries that need not take a visa before going to Ivory Coast?

As mentioned before there are about 23 countries whose nationals need not take a visa before they travel to Ivory Coast. The list of the countries whose nationals might not need one can be given as follows:

Benin Burkina Faso Cape Verde Gambia Ghana Guinea
Liberia Mali Niger Nigeria Senegal Guinea-Bissau
Sierra Leone Togo        

Q. For how many days can a foreigner from the above-listed visa-free countries can stay?

The time period has not been mentioned but it has been known that these nationals can stay for more than 90 days.

Q. So which countries nationals can stay only for 90 days?

The following country’s nationals can stay in Ivory Coast only for 90 days:

Central African republic Chad Congo Mauritania Morocco Philippines
Seychelles Singapore Tunisia      

All of the above-listed countries are those nationals who can stay without a visa.

Q. Can the stay for those who are allowed in Ivory Coast without a visa be extended?

Yes, the extension is possible for those who stay in Ivory Coast without a visa. The only condition to do so is to fill in an application form at the embassy claiming that they need an extension. This will be processed and then you can easily get your extension issued to you. This extension, however, must have a legitimate reason as per the embassy in Ivory Coast.

Q. What if I am a son of the citizen of Ivory Coast, will I still need a visa?

No, you do not need to apply for a visa to go to Ivory Coast, as long as you are the direct son of the citizen of the Ivory Coast or you have all the documents to prove the relationship.

Q. How many types of visas can a person who is eligible get access to?

There are about five types of visas that you can get access to. The types can be given as follows:

  • Ivory Coast tourist visa
  • Ivory Coast business visa
  • Ivory Coast student visa
  • Ivory Coast employment visa
  • Ivory Coast transit visa

To know more information about the visa types and its detail you can follow on the link for the types of Ivory Coast visas article!

Q. What is the time period a foreigner can stay once they take a tourist visa?

A normal tourist visa allows a time period of 90 days of stay to foreigners. There have also been cases where you can stay for more than that!

Q. Will the time period of stay differ with the different types of visas?

Yes, not all the visas have the same stay period, and hence checking the stay period is also important while applying for a visa!

Q. Will tourist visa online help me if I need to apply for a visa?

Yes, you can get help from tourist visa online to apply for your Ivory Coast visa which will be delivered to you in about three to five days.

With this, it is sure that you might have come to know the answer to the Do I need an Ivory Coast visa question! You can also take a look at our other articles to get to know about the Ivory Coast visas!

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