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E 2 visa for Ivory Coast is generally useful for businessmen. Businesses and inventors who are planning to live and stay in Ivory Coast for work. The E 2 visa can also be used to obtain permanent resident of the Ivory Coast. Any individuals from a foreign country visiting Ivory Coast for business-related work or investment should obtain E 2 visa. It will permit you and your family to move to Ivory Coast in 2 months.

Eligibility for E 2 Visa

  • Proper and valid reason to stay in Ivory Coast.
  • Employed and must have enough funds to live there properly.
  • There should not be any criminal records against the applicant. Applicants have to attach and show a police clearance certificate for evidence.
  • Valid invitation letter from the company you are planning to work with or other work details about your investment and business.
  • Should meet the health requirements to enter the Ivory Coast.

Stay Validity- Generally, visitors with an E 2 visa are allowed to stay in a foreign country for two years. It differs from country to country. Applicants can renew and extend the validity period of their E 2 visa by submitting the extension visa application form.

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Processing time of E 2 Visa

The processing time of the E 2 Visa for the Ivory Coast will be completely dependent on the Embassy and whether the applicant has attached all the supportive documents properly or not. Applicants should not make any mistakes in the form to avoid delay. The processing fee and visa fee for an E 2 visa on the authority or embassy officials.

E 2 Visa Requirements for an application form

  • Passport- Original passport and should have at least 6 months validity. It should not have any kind of damage and must not have the wrong information. Your passport should have a minimum or at least two empty pages.
  • Old passport- Applicants will be asked to submit an old passport with the new one. It should have to be in bad condition.
  • Photo of the applicant- Two copies of the applicant's recent colored photo. The background must be white. No glasses and hair accessories like a hat. If Applicant will attach too old a photo then your application form may be rejected.
  • Tax details- Proper evidence of tax payment. Income return tax with relevant documents.
  • Bank statement- Proper and valid signatures from the bank on the documents relevant to the bank statement. It should be the savings bank account and it must have enough funds or money.
  • Letter of invitation- Invitation letter from the company of Ivory Coast. The Invitation letter must have applicant designation details and have company stamp. Contact details and address of the company. For businesses and investors, it is important to provide necessary documents and information about their business or investment.
  • Chamber of Commerce letter- to have legal permission to do business in Ivory Coast.

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A person holding an E 2 visa for Ivory Coast can :

  • Work with legal permission in Ivory Coast.
  • Freedom to enter and exit Ivory Coast.
  • Live in the country for long period but should hold a valid E 2 visa.
  • Family and children can also reside in the country.

E 2 Visa Requirements for Foreign Investors

Investors planning to invest in a company or market in Ivory Coast must fulfill certain requirements to obtain E 2 visa for Ivory Coast.

  • Financial documents
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Agreements of customer and contract agreement
  • Citizen of the country with a treaty agreement
  • Investors have to invest enough for high success rates.
  • Real operating Enterprise
  • Insignificant investment might not be considered.
  • Valid business license
  • Lease agreement

* It will be best if the applicant takes the help of a professional and experienced person to obtain their E 2 visa for Ivory Coast easily and with fewer issues.

Investors families and investors employees can also work and stay in Ivory Coast. They will be allowed to stay in the country for the same time. The family of employees working for the investor can also accompany and stay in the country. But family members should make sure that they don't stay in the country for more than a limited time. They have to apply for an extension or relevant type of visa to stay in the country for more time. The E 2 Visa will not ensure a very long-term or permanent stay in Ivory Coast.

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Traders, investors, and businessmen who want to work in Ivory Coast should apply for a relevant work permit to enter and work in the country. E 2 visa for Ivory Coast provides the opportunity and permission to the foreigners to work in the country. If the applicants do not want to do official or business work and need a visa for travel purposes then they can apply for an E visa on Tourist Visa Online.

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