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Foreign nationals need to obtain a relevant visa to work in the Ivory Coast. Applicants are required to submit certain documents and rules to apply for a relevant Ivory Coast visa. Applicants who are applying for a work permit, E 2 visa, business visa, and any kind of visa for work permits must have a letter of invitation to fulfill the requirements. A letter of invitation for the visa to the Ivory Coast is mostly provided by the organization or company the foreign national will be working for or visiting the country to attend important meetings or conferences.

A letter of invitation for an Ivory Coast visa is the formal letter and official document arranged by the citizen of Ivory Coast who wants to invite foreign nationals or visitors from the foreign country. The letter of invitation can also be provided by relatives, friends, companies, organizations, social organizations, colleges, universities, etc. The chances of approval of the Ivory Coast visa by attaching an invitation of letter to the application form.

Letter of invitation Requirements

  • A person who is offering the letter of invitation must fulfill the following requirements, the person must be:
  • The citizen or permanent resident of the Ivory Coast.
  • Have proper address.
  • Must take the guarantee of the visitor. They have to guarantee that the visitor will not stay in the country for more than the validity period of their visa.
  • A valid reason for the travel or visit.
  • If the visitor is traveling to the country for business purposes, then the invitation of letter for visa must contain all the information about business relationship and valid reason.
  • If the visitor or traveling to visit any relative friend then they have to mention the information about the relationship, duration, and purpose.
  • If the visitor traveling to the country for a conference, then the company or organization is required to mention all the details about the conference and company information.
  • If the student is visiting the country to attend school or college in Ivory Coast, then they have to attach an acceptance or cover letter from the relevant educational institutions.
  • If the visitor is traveling to Ivory Coast for medical reasons, it is required to attach an invitation letter from the doctor or medical organization.

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Necessary required Information in the Invitation of Letter for Ivory Coast Visa

There are general information and details that must be mentioned in the letter to obtain Visa.

  • Date- The date must be written in the letter of invitation for visa.
  • Person or individual who is writing the letter of invitation must mention their name, date of birth, address, occupation, financial status, and contact details.
  • Information of visitor - The Invitation of Letter must have the important information about the visitor or foreign national like:
  • Name of the visitor
  • Date of birth of the visitor
  • Gender of the visitor
  • Designation and position details (* for foreigners visiting the country for work-related purposes)
  • The current address of the visitor
  • Contact details of the visitor
  • Occupation of the visitor
  • Valid reason or purpose
  • Flight details- entry and exit date
  • Duration of the stay
  • Accommodation details
  • Signature ( * Seal, stamp, and signatures of the organization or company for work permit or work visa)
  • Mention who will hold the financial responsibility and guarantee of the visitor.

Applicants have to submit the invitation letter for Ivory Coast visa at the embassy or consulate of Ivory Coast. With the application form, they are submitting to obtain their Ivory Coast visa. 

Need and importance of Invitation of Letter for Visa

  • It helps in obtaining the visa
  • It can be used as confirmation evidence or valid proof.
  • States the genuine and valid purpose to visit
  • Supporting document
  • Sometimes, it is not necessary to attach a letter of invitation. But, it is recommended to attach the letter of invitation.

The language and style used in the letter should have to be formal and in the official language of the Ivory Coast. The letter should not be written in informal may and should not contain errors. It is necessary to mention the embassy address, name, and contact details in the letter of invitation for Ivory Coast visa.

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All visitors, tourists, and foreigners are required to obtain their Ivory Coast visa to enter the Ivory Coast. Only the countries that are exempted from visa and recognized as Visa-free countries are not required to obtain Visa. Applicants are required to submit the Invitation of Letter for Ivory Coast visa if they are planning for a long-term stay and visiting the country for work-related purposes in the country.

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The processing time of an Ivory Coast visa is 3 to 4 days for Ivory Coast visa.

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  • Obtain your tourist visa for Ivory Coast
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