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Beauty with white long miles of sands, an exotic layer of forests laying on them, and the pathways that seem so dusty that they feel like orange powder being laid down beneath your legs, is something only you can imagine of! But the truth is Ivory Coast is all of the said descriptions and there is no better way to check out this place than to travel to Ivory Coast from the Ivory Coast visa-free countries allowed! While this sounds like a deal, you will have to know much more about how to travel and what you need to accomplish this travel successfully and this will need you to get some help from Tourist Visa Online and here it is all the help you have ever needed for going to the Ivory Coast.


  • Visa exemption allowed for Foreigners
  • Diplomatic passport holders Ivory Coast visa exemption
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Visa exemption allowed for Foreigners

While going to Ivory Coast is like a dream, it is a dream come true for all of those countries that have been exempted from taking an Ivory Coast visa. And if you are wondering if you are the one that belongs to one of the countries then you might as well just have to pack your bag and go on with your trip to Ivory Coast. But in order that you become clearer about all of the countries that do not need to have a visa, the list can be given as follows:

Countries that have been exempted from visas and can stay for a period of 90 days: 

The following are those that can stay for 90 days:

Benin Burkina Faso Cape Verde Gambia
Ghana Guinea Guinea- Bissau Liberia
Mali Niger Nigeria Senegal
Sierra Leone Togo    

Countries that can stay for a non-specified time period:

The central African Republic Chad Congo Mauritania
Morocco Philippines Seychelles Singapore

Diplomatic passport holders Ivory Coast visa exemption: 

The following are the countries whose nationals if they have a diplomatic passport being made available can enter the country of Ivory Coast without a visa:

Austria Brazil China Gabon
Iran Israel South Africa Turkey
Uganda Venezuela Vietnam  

These are all of the countries as mentioned above that can have an easy journey to Ivory Coast without having to take a visa to enter the country.


  • How can I get a visa for the Ivory Coast as a French citizen?

Though French might be the language being spoken here, it does not mean that any and every French citizen can enter, this means that if you are a citizen of any of the mentioned visa exempted countries then you can easily get in without having to apply for one.

  • Is Ivory Coast considered to be a safe place for the tourists? 

Yes, Ivory Coast being a good place for tourists to visit is also a much safer place than any other people in the world would otherwise think of.

  • Are all of the African countries allowed to have visa-free entry into Ivory Coast?

Even though Ivory Coast is an African country it does not give a visa exemption for all of the African countries as only select countries can avail of this facility.

  • Is there a chance that for Ivory Coast visa-free countries, the government would also give flight tickets on sponsorship?

Not having to take a visa will not mean that you will get the flight tickets on sponsorship and hence you will have to apply for your own flight tickets in order to travel to Ivory Coast.

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