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Immigrants and visitors willing to stay in the Ivory Coast for a long time for certain reasons are required to apply for an Immigration visa for Ivory Coast. Foreigners have to apply for their immigration visa from the nearby Embassy of the Ivory Coast or the consulate of Ivory Coast. Immigration Visa is the official document or passes issued to immigrants or foreigners who want to stay and live on the Ivory Coast permanently or for work.

According to the rules set by immigration law and rules for Ivory Coast, it is mandatory to obtain a relevant work permit and relevant Ivory Coast visa.  It not only allows the person to stay in the country but also gives them legal permission to work there.

The process to apply for Ivory Coast Immigration visa

  • Work permit form: If the applicant is moving to a foreign country for work-related purposes then mostly they have to fill the application form for a work permit or labor work.
  • Petition: After the approval of the application form for work, they have to fill Immigration petition form. The process has to be done online on the official government site of Ivory Coast or they have to visit the nearby embassy.
  • Petition approval: Wait for the approval of your petition.
  • Processing: After the approval, your application form will be sent to the consulate of Ivory Coast for processing.
  • Payment: You will receive an email on your e-mail ID after approval. Pay the required processing immigration fee for Ivory Coast. Applicants also have to pay the Affidavit form fee.
  • Submit Affidavit of Support form. It is the form signed by the sponsor who will accept to take care of the financial responsibility of the applicant to obtain the immigrant visa for the Ivory Coast.
  • Financial Documents- The proof of enough funds and other financial documents by the sponsor.
  • Ivory coast Immigration visa application form: Applicants are required to complete the application form for an immigrant visa to Ivory Coast.
  • Civil documents: Applicants have to attach all the supportive civil documents with the form.
  • Documents submission: Scanned all the required documents for Ivory Coast Immigration Visa. Submit and upload the documents on the government website. (
  • Interview: After the approval, an interview for the applicant will be scheduled at the diplomatic government office of the Ivory Coast. The applicant should carry all the supportive documents, passport, and other related documents with them.
  • Receive your visa: After the interview, if all the documents and information mentioned in the application form are correct. Then, you can obtain your Immigration visa for Ivory Coast.

*It is advised to apply for your Immigrant visa in advance and before the start of your journey. Don,t leave your job and sell the private property until you get access to an Immigration visa.

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Documents required for Ivory Coast Immigration Visa

  • Passport
  • Photographs
  • Immigration visa application form
  • Payment details and confirmation
  • Civil documents
  • Supportive financial documents
  • Email ID
  • Employment contract for evidence
  • Letter of invitation of the applicant from the relevant organization.
  • Travel details

*All the required documents have to be original. They may ask for more supportive documents according to the visa type.

*Applicants have to visit the embassy and meet the officer for verification and interview process.

*Applicants should carry the filled application form for an immigration Visa.

*Applicants are advised to attach all the necessary documents or your processing time for an immigration Visa may be delayed.

The 15 countries are required to obtain their Ivory Coast visa from the embassy. Irrespective of their reason to visit or their duration of stay in the country.

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All the details mentioned above will give an overview of obtaining an Immigration visa for the Ivory Coast. Applicants should visit the nearby Embassy of the Ivory Coast to get more specific details. Applicants who want to visit the country for tourism can apply for their Ivory Coast Tourist Visa on Tourist Visa Online.

Apply Ivory Coast Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The important documents required for the Ivory Coast residence permit Card are:

  • Passport and copy of the valid visa
  • Birth certificate and residence certificate
  • Application fees and appointment confirmation letter
  • Documents related to tax payment
  • Work certificate(*required for workers)
  • Administrative certificate
  • Parents authorization, student card, one of the parent's works certificates, resident card of one the parent for the children under 16 years.

It is an official and legal document that grants permission to foreigners from outside the country to stay in Ivory Coast.

No, Ivory Coast is not much safe place for foreign citizens. It has a high number of cases regarding crime, theft, and political issues.

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