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The dry season in Ivory Coast runs from mid-November to April, making this the nicest time to go to the country. The dry weather brings fewer issues, approximately flooded roads or mosquitoes, and lots of festivals are held at some point of the time in those months. During December and March, the wind blows from the Sahara bringing slightly cooler temperatures, dirt, and extended dryness to the air. Visibility for scenic sites is also reduced during this time.

There are several types of visas to enter the Ivory Coast, depending on the reason for your trip:

Tourist visa online

This visa is for people visiting the country for leisure and tourism. Its validity period is up to 90 days.

Online transit visa

If you enter the country to make a stopover, you need this visa, but the Ivory Coast is not your final destination. The maximum period of validity for connecting flights within the country is 3 days.

Online business visa

It is valid for up to 90 days and you are not allowed to work with this visa. Meetings or business events are allowed in Ivory Coast.

Health or Social Affairs Visa (NGO)

It is valid for 90 days and is mandatory for people entering the country due to illness, surgery or any medical consultation. It is also a required permit for all NGO volunteers and staff.

Study or research visa

This visa is valid for the duration of your stay granted by Ivory Coast and the functions you perform. We must attach all required documents, as well as the registration form or letter of invitation from the college or university where you will work.

Long-term visa

This visa allows a stay in the country for a maximum of one year.

The official or diplomatic visa

This visa is valid for 90 days and only applies to guests, politicians or official members of the government of Ivory Coast.

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Ivory Coast E Visa Official Website

The Ivory Coast e-visa is an e-visa obtained by West African countries through an online application.

Online visas eliminate the need for eligible nationals to obtain an Ivorian visa at the border or apply for a visa at the Ivorian consulate or embassy upon arrival. The Online Ivory Coast visa allows you to travel to the Republic of Ivory Coast for tourism, business or transit reasons.

Once approved, the validity period is 90 days, and the holder is allowed to enter Ivory Coast multiple times during the validity period.

How to apply for an Ivory Coast E Visa?

Eligible countries/regions can submit an Ivory Coast visa application online by completing a simple online form containing basic personal, passport and travel information. You also need to upload some supporting documents and pay the e-visa processing fee before you can submit the form.

The Ivory Coast e-Visa is usually processed within 48 hours and once approved, it will be emailed to travelers along with the receipt of payment.

The pre-registration document and receipt must be printed upon arrival at the airport in Abidjan in order to present at the only authorized customer entry point for Ivory Coast e-Visas.

After the implementation of biometric registration mandatory At the immigration control office, Passengers will receive a printed e-visa that will allow them to quickly enter Ivory Coast.

It is necessary for travelers to contact the Ivory Coast embassy or consulate for more information regarding visiting Ivory Coast for other reasons or for a longer period of time allowed by an approved e-visa.

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Documents Required for Ivory Coast Visa

In order to submit an e-visa application online, you first need to meet the Ivorian e-visa requirements. The requirements for an online Ivory Coast tourist visa are the same as those for an online Ivory Coast business or transit visa, and you will need to submit the following information to apply:

  • Image of a valid passport's cover page.
  • A copy of the Ivory Coast's verified flight tickets.
  • Ivory Coast lodging confirmation or letter of invitation.
  • To pay the Ivory Coast E-Visa fees, you'll need a valid credit or debit card number.
  • Email address where you'd like to get the authorized E-visa.

A valid travel insurance policy valid for the entire period of the stay is also required in order to be granted a visa in Ivory Coast.

Travelers must produce the following documents upon arrival at Port Bouet Airport:
  • The same passport was used to complete the online application, which had to be valid for at least 6 months.
  • The document titled "Approved pre-enrollment" (sent to the traveler via email)
  • Payment of the E-visa costs has been received.
  • Vaccination certificate for yellow fever.

The tourist will be given their printed E-visa and allowed expedited entrance to the nation after providing biometric information (fingerprints and picture) to immigration authorities.

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