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An Ivory Coast traveler visa is needed for Zambian residents. The stay is typically short with a time of 90 days and visa lapses in 90 days. The candidate is needed to be available while applying for an Ivory Coast traveler visa. A sum of 7 archives is needed to apply for an Ivory Coast visa. 

Ivory Coast tourist visa from Zambia

If Zambian citizens found that they are not eligible for the e-Visa  or if the type of visa you wish can not be obtained through the e-Visa procedure, you can go to the nearest Ivorian Embassy.

You need to fill out the application form and bring the necessary documents in order to apply Ivory Coast visa.

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Ivory Coast traveler visa requirements for Zambian residents 

1.Seven records needed for Ivory Coast tourist visa

2.Visa Application Form: Completed application structure for Ivory Coast 

3.Identification Photo: Photo should be no more seasoned than a half year (6 months).

4.Identification: Original Passport or Travel record of Zambia with somewhere around a half year remaining legitimacy validity on the date of travelling and have no less than 2 visa pages clear of any markings. 

5.Lodging Bookings: Hotel reservation(s) in Ivory Coast for the term of your visit. 

6.Flight Bookings: A full circle flight reservation for Ivory Coast. 

7.Current Details: Employed: • A letter from your manager on organization letterhead, with contact subtleties, expressing that a time away has been without a doubt, reason and length of the excursion and that you will be getting back to your present place of employment. • Current bank articulation of the most recent half-year - 6 months.

  • Income Tax Return 
  • 100% original compensation slips self employed
  • Company bank explanation of the most recent half year - 6 months.
  • Income Tax Return Student:
  • Submit a legitimate authority letter from your school demonstrating that you are on favorable terms and that you are enlisted for the forthcoming semester. 
  • Provide no Object endorsement from School or University. 
  • Provide a valid submit verification of your retirement store.
  •  Wellbeing Document: Proof of wellbeing necessities of Ivory Coast. 
  • Duplicate of International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever

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Steps to Apply for Ivory Coast Visa

Step - 1

  1. First of all visit Tourist Visa Online to fill the application form to apply Ivory Coast visa.
  2. Then Select your citizenship country from the mentioned countries.
  3. Now select your living country type
  4. Choose your country for the visa you want to apply for - Zambia.

Step - 2

  1. Travelers can check the visa list whether it is required or not. If you can find it then you can apply for a visa.
  2. Choose your desired visa as per your purpose of entrance in Ivory Coast.
  3. After selecting the desired visa then click on Proceed to Next.

Step - 3

  1. Now travelers are requested to fill the visa application form online and provide your personal information, Travel information, address, passport details etc.
  2. After filling required details now upload your document you can add up to 7 files at a time if you have more than that then you can combine multiple files in a single file and upload them.
  3. But If you want to submit only one application then okay click on submit and proceed to next.
  4. If it is required to submit more than one application then you need to fill the first application and then click on Submit and add more applicants.
  5. If you applied to more than one applicant then it will be displayed at the bottom of the form. Once you submit and want to proceed for payment then you can click on the Pay now button.

Step - 4

  1. Now you can check your application. If you wish to add more then you can click on Add More Applicant Button and you can repeat same steps as mentioned in above
  2. If you wish to remove some applicants then you can remove them.
  3. Select payment method. (If your payment fails in any case then you can choose a different payment option from multiple payment options.)
  4. Once your payment success then you can track your visa status
  5. Once visa processing is complete then you will receive your visa through email or you can download from track visa status by entering your application id and your passport no.
  6. Now Zambia citizens are ready to visit Ivory Coast. 

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