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You can now have options made available for you to go to the Ivory Coast with the various types of Ivory Coast visas being made available by the government. All of the visas also have various descriptions and hence make sure you read through them all to get a full idea about the types. To begin with, there are about five types of visas that will be available for you to get access to! This means you can check the one that most suits your type of Ivory Coast travel and then apply for it.

Talking about Ivory Coast as a place, you might not tend to know much as it is pretty much not so developed. Hence people normally do tend to confuse themselves about this place. This place as the name says does not really have an Ivory Coast, however, you can find beaches here all decorated with the turquoise water calling you for fun beach time! This is not the only thing that people look for! While there have been advancements now being made in the tourism industries, there has also been an increase in the business industry as well, which has led to the rise in the economy. This small place located in the west of Africa will call you for its unique wildlife adventures as well!

So now that you see for which purpose you wish to go to Ivory Coast, here’s the list you might also want to check out!

1. Ivory Coast tourist visa:

Just as the name says it is for those who enter the country as a tourist and wish to visit all of the places in Ivory Coast. This is the visa that has now been in advancing stage due to its much-gained popularity. Even though there is only of its type, you can surely enjoy a long vacation of three months in Ivory Coast. This means that the visa allows a stay period of 90 days in the Ivory Coast. Also, this period is meant to be enough to find out all of the hidden treasures in the land of the Ivory Coast.

2. Ivory Coast business visa:

The second most famous visa for sure! This visa is for all those rising entrepreneurs who wish to indulge in business being conducted in Ivory Coast. Not only do the rising entrepreneurs access to this visa, but there are also some of the professionals who access to this visa so that they can increase their business trends worldwide. This visa will give you a validity period of about 1 month to three months. This period will be more than enough for a person to discuss all the business-related matters! Also, be sure that you do not try to work on this business visa because if you do you might get into trouble! For this purpose, you can get another visa which will be mentioned below.

3. Ivory Coast employment visa:

This is the visa that will get you access to work in the country of the Ivory Coast. This visa is the one that will allow you to stay in Ivory Coast for about 1 year after the issuing. This visa being multi-entry will ensure that you can get inside the country on the same visa. This will also reduce your time for applying for a new Ivory Coast visa. This means that you can save your time and money both if you take this type of visa. This visa is also known as the long-stay visa. Similarly, if you wish to work for a short period of time rather than for so long you can do so by getting access to other short term visas. There is also an option of a work contract visa which will allow you to stay in the Ivory Coast for as long as the contract is valid.

4. Ivory Coast student visa:

For all of those ambitious students who wish to study in the Ivory Coast can get this visa. With education schools and universities being high on demand you can apply for this student visa. This visa will, however, need you to show an acceptance letter, only after which you will be able to acquire this visa. This acceptance letter is usually given by those schools or colleges where you have got your admissions. This visa is valid for almost as long as your stay in Ivory Coast for education. 

5. Ivory Coast transit visa:

This visa is the one that you need to apply for when you reach the airport in Ivory Coast. This visa is normally issued to those who will be transiting through Ivory Coast to go to their final location. This visa allows a particular foreigner who wants to go through Ivory Coast within 72 hours. This means that this visa will be valid for a total time period of 72 hours. If the transit is intended to increase for more than this time period then the foreigner will have to choose from another option.

This completes the entire list of various types of Ivory Coast visas and its major information that you ought to know. 

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