Ivory Coast Long Term Visa

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An Ivory Coast holiday offers a wealth of contrasts. You can find bustling cities and lush rainforests, huge cathedrals and rolling hills, superb dining and fascinating street vendors here. It is famous for its massive mosque and the world's largest cathedral, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace.

Ivory Coast Long Term Visa

The official embassies and consulates of Ivory Coast do not handle long-term visas in several countries. Instead, visa applicants apply for short-term tourist visas to visit Ivory Coast, and then apply for a residency permit after they arrive (Ivory Coast). This process may vary depending on where you live, your nationality, and the visa regulations of the embassy where you apply.

A long-term visa is granted to foreigners who wish to stay in Ivory Coast for a longer period of time or establish a temporary or permanent residence.

You can enter Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast) on a long-term visa with the purpose of applying for a residence permit. It permits you to enter Ivory Coast as a possible resident and stay while filling out your application for residency.

In most cases, the embassy will issue you a short-term visa to allow you to enter Ivory Coast, after which you will apply for a residence permit at the Ivory Coast Migration Department, but the purpose of your Ivory Coast Visa must be the same as your reason for travel. You can apply for a study residency permit with a short-term tourist visa (Ivory Coast) if you're in Ivory Coast to study but can't apply for a study visa if you're there to study.

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Tourist Visa Online

The Ivory Coast Tourist Visa is a West African e-Visa that may be applied for online. In providing this Ivory Coast visa online, we hope to minimize the need for eligible individuals to stand in long lines at the border for an Ivory Coast visa or to apply for a visa at an Ivory Coast consulate or embassy after arriving in the country. Applicants with a "pre-registration" document who arrive at a "Visa Airport" airport must complete the biometric registration. The visa will then be created and delivered as quickly as feasible. The computerized visa registration box is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Documents Required for Ivory Coast Long Term Visa

  1. Application Form.
  2. Passport.
  3. Photo.
  4. ID Card Copy.
  5. Residence Permit/Visa Copy.
  6. Photocopies.
  7. Travel Itinerary.
  8. Letter from Local Employer/Sponsor (Proof of Occupation).
  9. Proof of Financial Means.
  10. Medical Insurance.
  11. The Appointment Confirmation Certificate.
  12. The Original of the Payment Receipt Made Online.
  13. The International Certificate of Vaccination Against Yellow Fever.
  14. Approval of D.S.T. (Pre-visa or Leave to Land).
  15. Supporting Documents that Show Your Reason for a Trip.

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How to Apply Ivory Coast Visa

Apply Ivory Coast Visa by following the steps:

  1. You first need to decide what type of visa you need and whether you are eligible to apply for it. You'll also want to know what documents you'll need to submit with your application, how long the procedure will take, and how much the costs will be. Each application must follow the regulations that apply to the visa category you are applying for. If your documents are not in English, you may need to get them translated before applying.
  2. Fill out the Ivory Coast visa application form and bring it to the Visa Application Center with the necessary documents (for the type of visa you've chosen) to be processed when you're ready.
  3. After you've completed your visa application, you'll need to schedule an appointment at a Visa Application Center to have your fingerprints and photo taken. This is referred to as "biometric data." A confirmation email and a letter of appointment will be sent to you once you schedule your appointment. If you're part of a family or group, you'll need to schedule individual appointments for each member.
  4. The visa application fee must be paid once you have submitted your application. You can pay at the time of your appointment if you print the form and bring it to the Visa Application Center in cash.
  5. When your decision is returned to the Visa Application Centre, you will get an email notification. If you don't have easy access to email or would want more comprehensive monitoring information, you may be able to get updates through SMS. Check to see if this service is offered in the Visa Application Center you'll be visiting.
  6. Because of COVID-19's spread, it is no longer feasible to collect passports directly at the center, so delivery via courier is required.

So this tells you how to apply Ivory Coast long-term visa.

Apply Ivory Coast Visa

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