do i need a visa for gabon

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Gabon, a country in Central Africa and the people who are planning to visit Gabon need to apply a visa for Gabon unless they are from the visa-exempt country and some visitors can get the visa on arrival. Do I need a visa for Gabon? Maybe yes, maybe not! You might think this is not the right way to answer. Well, this is exactly we, at Tourist visa online think as well. So for you to get a clear answer is the aim for now. And this will be done for you. With all the information that you need to know about a visa right form if you need one to what you need if you want a visa all will be explained here by us. So all you need to do is keep on reading to find out how and what you should do in order to travel to Gabon. To be honest it can be quite difficult to take a visa if you have no idea what happens when you apply for one. So this ambiguity will be something that will be cleared when you apply with Tourist visa online.


Q. What is a visa to Gabon?

A foreigner who will be traveling to Gabon and those who do not come under the visa-exempt countries that have been mentioned by the government of Gabon are the ones that need a visa to travel to Gabon. So it is just a travel document that will let you travel to Gabon and let you stay for the number of days that it will have validity for. Now that you know what a visa is, you might as well have to know which countries need not take one. And if you come to know about this, you will also come to know where do you stand, like will it be necessary for you or not!

Q. Which are the countries that will not need a visa to travel to Gabon?

There are only 8 countries as of now apart from some other categories that need not take a visa to travel to Gabon. The following are the ones that need not take one before traveling to Gabon:

Cameroon Central African Republic Republic of Congo
Chad Equatorial Guinea Mauritius
Morocco South Africa Tunisia

Even though all of the mentioned countries can actually travel to Gabon even without a visa, there are restrictions or changes in the number of days as to how many you can stay based on the country. Like for all those apart from those hailing from South Africa and Morocco can stay for at least 90 days without a visa in Gabon. While those who are from the already mentioned two countries can only stay for 30 days without a visa.

Q. What happens if you are found to stay in Gabon illegally without a visa?

While Gabon does allow an entry to only some countries without a visa, this does not mean that you can stay illegally without a visa. This will only lead to taking actions against your stay. This action can depend on whether you have a passport or not. If you are found to not follow the rules, there are chances that you will be forever be banned to travel to Gabon. So do take a visa if you are from one of the countries that need a visa to travel to Gabon.

Q. Are there other countries that need not take a visa while traveling to Gabon if so what do they need in order to enter?

The above list of countries states a visa-free entry only for those who are holding an ordinary passport. This means that apart from these categories there are others who can even travel to Gabon without a visa. This category includes a person holding a diplomatic passport. This condition will, however, be acceptable for only some of the countries and those who can follow this visa-free travel can be given as follows:

Benin Brazil Burkina Faso China Cote d'Ivoire Cuba
Djibouti Egypt France Guinea Israel Mali
Russia Senegal South Korea Germany Turkey ?

All of the citizens who belong to these countries and hold a diplomatic passport can travel without a visa. This entry will however need a requirement and this being a diplomatic passport that is valid being shown to get an entry.

Q. Do Italian citizens need a visa traveling to Gabon?

Italy not being mentioned in any of the lists that have been given above, will make it a necessity for an Italian to take a visa before traveling to Gabon. An Italian can also not get a visa after arrival and hence applying for one beforehand will be recommended.

So do I need a visa for Gabon? Well, now it is clear to you through the information that has been provided whether you need one or not!

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