gabon visa for south africans

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Wondering if it would be necessary to take a visa to Gabon when you are from South Africa? Then you have no worries left! As you can definitely travel to Gabon without having to take a visa. This means that you are from one of the countries that the Gabon government allows to have a free visit which also means you need not apply for a Gabon visa for South Africans. Want to know more? Well, that is what Touristvisaonline will help you with as well. You can get to know everything about the Gabon visa-free travel and how you can carry on with your trip.


Q. Must a citizen of South Africa apply for a Gabon visa if he or she is not directly flying in from South Africa but will be having a detour through America?

Even if you take a detour it will not be important for you to take a Gabon visa as the passport you have will state that you are a citizen of South Africa and hence you need not take a visa to travel to Gabon as mentioned in the Gabon visa policy.

Q. What is the number of days that a South African citizen is allowed to stay in Gabon for?

Being a South African you can stay for about 30 days without having to take a visa. After this allowed number of days in Gabon, you will have to exit the country as a stay longer than this period won't be allowed.?

Q. Does a South African citizen need to take a transit visa to stay in the transit area of the airport in Gabon?

Being a citizen of South Africa you can stay without a visa in Gabon and the same applies for a Gabon transit visa. His means that you need not take a transit visa to stay in the transit visa. You can also stay for as many number of days and enter the country by leaving the transit area.

Q. Will I be safe if I plan to travel alone to Gabon from South Africa?

Yes, you can stay assured about your travel from South Africa to Gabon as Gabon is a pretty safe place for the tourists to be at. You need not worry about your safety here at Gabon especially when you have good police service being provided.

Q. Can a South African citizen work for free without a visa in Gabon?

No, though you might be allowed in the country without a visa, you cannot work in Gabon for free. You will have to apply for a work permit to work in Gabon and you will also have to submit your offer letter which has been sent to you through the company registered in South Africa to be eligible for you to work there. When you have both these documents you will be issued a work visa that may or may not be sponsored by the company. When you have this visa only then can you start working.

Q. Can I travel to Gabon for free if my grandmother was from South Africa but both my parents and I have an Indian origin?

No, it will not be possible for you and your parents to travel to Gabon without a visa. You will be needed to take a visa before you travel to Gabon. While your grandmother can travel without a visa to Gabon and stay for about 30 days.

Q. Do I need to show my flight details to the immigration officer if I am on a visa-free visit to Gabon from South Africa?

Yes even if you are on a visa-free visit from South Africa to Gabon you must follow the instructions given by the immigration officers and give them the details.

Hence now you can travel to Gabon without having to apply for a Gabon visa for South Africans.

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