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Gabon has made the visa mandatory for foreign nationals to enter their country. Gabon visa requirements for Somalia citizens the prefectoral restrictions inflicted by the Gabonese Republic government on the citizens of Somalia. Gabon Visa for Somalia Nationals can be obtained from the Embassy of Gabon in Somalia but people prefer to apply for a visa online. Gabon Government has facilitated the E-Visa or Electronic visa service for the citizens of Somalia. Therefore, one can get the visa delivered to your home on the E-Mail ID by applying for an E-Visa.

Gabon (Officially- Gabonese Republic) is a country situated on the western coast of Central Africa near the equator. Libreville is the largest city and capital of the Gabonese Republic. Gabon beaches, inland fishing facilities, the ocean, the crystal mountains, and the falls on the Ogooué River has made the Gabon a center of attraction for the tourist all across the globe. The famous hospital of Dr. Albert Schweitzer in Lambaréné is a major tourist spot in Gabon. And the most surprising thing is, hunting is not an illicit activity in some areas of Gabon from December to September.

Gabon visa requirements for Somalia citizens:

  1. A valid E-Mail ID of the Somalia passport holder.
  2. A valid passport of the Somalia citizen.
  3. A scanned copy of the First and the Last page of the Somalia passport.
  4. Passport of the Somalia citizen must have six months validity.
  5. Somalia passport must have 2 blank pages.
  6. A passport size photograph of the Somalia citizen.
  7. The photo of the Somalia citizen must be of the size 3*4 cm with white background and should not be older than three months.
  8. Somalia citizen must have confirmed ticket of both the sides.
  9. A valid Credit card or Debit card of the Somalia citizen that is applicable in Gabon.
  10. Somalia citizen must have to avoid security restrictions at the airport.
  11. Health insurance coverage of the Somalia Passport holder.

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Gabon visa fee for Somalia citizens

Type of Visa

No. of Entry

Visa Category

Stay Validity

Visa Validity

Processing Time

Visa Fee

30 Days Visa

Single Entry

Tourist Visa

30 Days

30 Days

5 - 7 Days

121.0 USD

60 Days Visa

Single Entry

Tourist Visa

60 Days

60 Days

5 - 7 Days

221.0 USD

90 Days Visa

Single Entry

Tourist Visa

90 Days

90 Days

5 - 7 Days

121.0 USD

90 Days Visa

Multiple Entry

Tourist Visa

90 Days

180 Days

5 - 7 Days

250.0 USD

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Q. What are the types of Gabon Visa for Somalia Nationals?

Here the list of types of Gabon Visa for Somalia Nationals, according to your trip you can choose the plan which ever suits you the best:

Tourist visa:

  1. Gabon 30 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa.
  2. Gabon 60 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa.
  3. Gabon 90 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa.
  4. Gabon 90 Days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa.

Business visa:

  1. Gabon 90 Days Single Entry Business Visa.
  2. Gabon 90 Days Multiple Entry Business Visa

Q. Somalia Nationals can apply for visa on arrival?

Yes, Somalia citizens can apply for Visa on arrival for Gabon.

Q. Can I get my business visa extended in Gabon?

Yes, Business visa for is extendable in Gabon for foreign nationals.

Q. Somalia national can visit Gabon without visa?

Visa is mandatory for the Somalia nationals to visit in Gabon. However Somalia has visa free access to the 11 countries: Palestine, Benin, Malaysia, Svalbard, Dominica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Micronesia, Haiti, Niue, Cook Islands, Pitcairn.

Q. What is the time required for the Gabon Visa for Somalia Nationals to get approved?

Generally, it takes five to seven business day for the Gabon visa to get approved.

Q. How will I be able to check my Gabon Visa status?

Once you submit the online visa application on the website and pay the visa fee. A link will be sent to you Email Id, from where you can check your visa status online.

Q. How will I come to know about the visa approval?

Our company will keep you informed about the visa status and approval through regular updates.

Q. What is the language of Gabon?

Citizen of Gabon use French language for communication.

Q. What are the Best Places for the Somalia citizens to visit in Gabon?

Some of the best tourist destination that you must visit during your trip to Gabon is:

  1. Loango National Park
  2. Libreville
  3. Pongara National Park
  4. Fernan Vaz Lagoon
  5. Makokou & Kongou Falls
  6. Port Gentil
  7. Franceville

Q. What are the Luxurious Hotels in Gabon?

Gabon has a lot of Luxurious hotel and resorts:

  1. Ibis bata
  2. Grand Hotel Djibloho
  3. Radisson Blu Okoume Palace
  4. Royal Palm Hotel Libreville
  5. La Baie des Tortues Luth Hotel

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