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Being one of the most developing countries, India has become one of the most responsible and affordable in the field of medical & healthcare across the whole world. Especially for American patients, India has become really an attractive choice as it has a number of really good hospitals offering quality care with English-speaking professionals at very cheap affordable rates. Tourist Visa Online provides you with all the necessary guidance with gentle care. In order to know more about Indian Medical Visa, there are a few things you must acknowledge. So let's check them out: 


How to Apply for Indian Medical Visa: There are basically 4 very easy steps to apply for Indian Medical Visa 

1. First Step: Fill the online application: So firstly you need to fill the Indian Medical Visa application form online by providing all the required documents. And you also need to upload your photo and passport page.

2. Second Step: Payment: So then you need to pay online by using your active credit card or PayPal.

3. Third Step: Receive the document online: We are always here for you, so there's no need to rush behind an unnecessary embassy. We will send the electronic travel authorization/ ETA via the email that you have registered. 


Required Documents to Apply for Indian Medical Visa: All the foreigners require some basic documents to apply for the Indian Medical Visa. Those are: 

  • The applicant must require a passport with a validity of at least 6 months. 
  • Recent passport size photographs and a photocopy of passport - these are really important.
  • You must provide the recommendation form with your own residential country to visit the particular doctor or the medical organization.
  • You should provide the evidence proof of your own residential address.
  • You also need to provide a copy of your online visa application. 6. For the attendant visa, one needs to provide the passport copies and the proof of relationship with the attendant. 

4. Fourth Step: Fly to India: Just print the ETA and come to the immigration check post. There will be your e-visa stamped on your passport. 


 Benefits of Indian Medical Visa

  • The Indian Medical Visa is basically provided to only those foreigners who are seeking to visit and obtain a short-term medical treatment in India. 
  •  You must provide all the important documents required to enter in India including a passport valid 6 months. 
  •  It's really important for the applicants to get a letter from an Indian hospital, from where they want to get all the medical facilities. 
  • To know the Indian Medical Visa fee and more about the facilities, please contact 


Medical conditions that are eligible for Indian Medical Visa: There are some really important specific medical conditions that are eligible for Indian Medical Visa. Those basic conditions are 
  1. Serious Heart diseases and heart surgery
  2.  Nerve & brain-related problems and neurosurgery 
  3. Organ transplant and plastic surgery
  4. Congenital anomalies and other disorders
  5. Kidney and renal problems
  6. Gene therapy 
  7. Oncology and radiotherapy 
  8. Ayurveda treatment and so on. 


Important Details of Indian Medical Visa: There are some really important details the Indian Medical Visa applicants must know, to successfully obtain and use it. 
  1. Validity of Indian Medical Visa: Applicants must remember that the Medical Visa comes with a validity of 60 days from the date of arrival in India. Though you must note, medical visas are extendable, so dear applicants there's no need to worry!
  2. Number of entries: Indian Medical Visa usually comes with a triple entry system. So you can come for basically 3 times a year for medical treatments.
  3. Passport requirements: Each individual needs to carry their own passport and age do not matter in this case. The applicant's passport must need to have a validity of at least 6 months and more importantly at least 2 blank pages for the authorities of immigration and border protection to place their stamps for your entry and exit status.
  4. Documents to carry always: In the time of your visit to India, you need to carry a copy of your passport and visa approved by the Indian authorities.
  5. Parents must note: It is better for you not to add your children in your own visa, just go for separate visas. 

We will provide you with all the necessary guidance and support, so calm down!! We are always with you and there's no need to run behind unnecessary embassies. It's our duty to help you always. For more queries, contact: #Stay Safe and Stay Healthy. 


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