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India is a very hospitable and friendly country. It is a place where people would like to start their startups and business investments. After the COVID-19 pandemic, all the companies are interested in investing their resources in this country.

Many global hubs in the country are connected well to many countries. It is a cost-effective and economical country to hire employees and pay for the other costs like raw material, wages, rents of commercial spaces, etc.

After the Coronavirus pandemic, all the global companies are shifting their gaze from China to this country due to all the favourable conditions like lesser cost, high population to meet the needs and necessities of the company.

The foreigners investing in the Indian stocks multiplied even if the economic condition of the country has dropped. Many technical and global giants in the company like IKEA, Amazon, Jp Morgan Chase, Flipkart, Apple, Google, etc.

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Why should new investors come to India to invest?

There are several reasons to invest in this nation. A few of them are listed here to summarize the facts.

  •  The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is increased by the Indian government to 6.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • In certain sectors like the agricultural sector, the FDI is one-hundred per cent
  • The FDI of this country exceeded that of China in 2018.
  • The Prime Minister of the country aims to develop the economy of the country by two-folds. The aim till 2025 is USD five trillion. 
  • Cheaper renting facilities, wages, friendly people, etc have made it easier to invest in this country.

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Details about the e-business visa of India

The validity of the visa: It is valid from the day Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is sent to the email. It is valid until the 365th day of giving ETA.

The Number of entries: One can enter the country several times with this visa.

Stay validity: An individual with this type of visa can stay in the country for 180 at a stretch. If he or she wants to stay after 180 days, FRO (Foreign Registration Office) should register it within fourteen days of the extension of the stay.

One cannot try to convert this into any other type of visa, it cannot be extended also. No one can go to places that are protected or restricted with this visa.

People who have diplomatic passports cannot take this visa. Wherever the people with this visa go, they have to carry it.

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Prerequisites of applying for the e-business visa

  • The passport will be valid for at least six months.
  • Two empty pages from the passport are compulsory while applying for the passport.
  • A business card or a business letter is necessary.
  • Proof of the travel like flight tickets and accommodation is necessary.
  • Sometimes, the invitation letter from the Indian side is also demanded.

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Activities to do with this type of visa

  1. One can do trade or sales using this
  2. To go to business meetings
  3. To organize tours.
  4. To give lectures based on the guidelines of the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).
  5. To hire employees for a company
  6. To engage in exhibitions like trade or business fairs.
  7. Going as a subject matter expert (SME) with a project that is in process in the country.

With this, the visa holder can go into the country using this and go in from twenty-eight airports or five harbours. Any check posts in India can be used to go out of the country.

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Steps to apply for the e-visa

  1. One should use upload the photograph and the bio page of the passport in the portal
  2. The person can pay from a credit or debit card while applying for the visa.
  3. The process will issue ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) through email.
  4. One has to carry an ETA and present it at the immigration centre of the country.
  5. After reaching the country, the immigration officers stamp the passport with the e-visa.

This process can be tiring and time-taking. It would be best to navigate to Tourist Visa Online and apply for the e-visa for business using that portal.

It helps the people in giving real visas in just three working days. People of many nations trust this website and use it to get a visa.

Frequently asked queries

Question: Is it possible to check the status of the e-visa?

Answer: Yes, one can check their e-visa and the process after application on the government website. It will be easier if people apply using the tourist visa online website, as they have a live web-chat option to check all the details.

Question: Can a person change the location he or she arrives at after applying?

Answer: Yes, an individual must note that he or she can land through any of the twenty-eight airports mentioned or the five harbours present.

Question: What to do if one does not get ETA after three days also?

Answer: The person should get in touch with the officials. To avoid all these issues, one can apply the e-visa by navigating to Touristevisaonline. It is the best OTA (Online Travel Agency) to get a visa as it has the experience and skilled employees.

Question: If I want to nullify the visa due to a change in plans, will I get the fees back?

Answer: No, after a person pays for the e-visa, it is not returned even if the business trip to India is cancelled.

Question: What is the meaning of a business card?

Answer: It is something that is given by the organization that the person is a part of. It is usually replaced with the invitation letter from the organization and the information like address or phone number.

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