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Nowadays it has become far easier for the citizens of Sri Lanka to visit India, with the easily accessible India visa for Sri Lanka nationals. Being the core center of marvelous wonders and mesmerizing beauty of nature, India has become one of the most famous and traditional tourist destinations all around the globe. So it attracts millions of foreigners to visit India and Sri Lanka being one of the nearest countries, undoubtedly many of the citizens of this country come here for various purposes. India also provides a well-developed visa policy with different types of visas for different purposes. To know more click here:(please add my articles) 

So any nationals of Sri Lanka out there planning a trip to India and searching for a perfect way to apply for the Indian e-visa? Well, you are just at the right place! With Tourist Visa Online you can get the best visa services with 24/7 hours guidance. To apply please visit: Wait a bit!! Before applying for an e-visa there are few things about Indian visa for Sri Lanka nationals. So just take a glance! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q. I am a Sri Lanka national and passport holder, do I have to get a visa to enter India?

A. Sure, all the nationals of Sri Lanka with non-Indian origin need to get a visa to enter into India. It's mandatory by the government of India. India also provides a highly modified visa policy, to know more about that please click here: (add my article) 

Q. As India provides a good number of visa types, which one should I choose to travel to India?

A. That's right, India undoubtedly has a well-modified visa policy with different kinds of visas provided for different reasons. So your visa type solely depends on your purpose of visiting India. But the basic visa types are: 

Tourist e-visa for 180 days: Only for tourism purposes and comes with multiple entries. 

Business e-visa for 180 days: Only for business-related matters and comes with multiple entries. 

Medical e-visa for 60 days: Only for medical check-up and treatments and comes with a single entry. Though it is extendable, to know more about Indian medical e-visa click here: (add my article please) 

Transit e-visa for 3 days: In case you just want to use India just as a medium to reach your ultimate destination and comes with a single entry and 14 days validity.

To know more about the type of Indian e visas please visit

Q. How can I apply for an Indian eVisa and how long will it take?

A. Dear applicant, the process of the online visa application is really very easy. Just follow three easy steps and it'll take hardly 15-20 minutes for the application to be done. Those are: 

First step: Well, just fill the application form with general information and upload the required documents. Don't forget to choose the visa type as well. This is all for the first step which will take around 5 minutes. 

Second step: In this step, firstly revise all the data you have submitted and then choose the online payment method. But make sure that the information you have provided and the spellings all are 100% correct. You can pay using PayPal or directly from your bank account by using your internationally valid credit or debit card or via any other given options. After that, you will receive a registration id. This process won't take more than 5-10 minutes. 

Third step: Here you just have to wait till we send you the confirmation letter via email and finally you have to verify it. So that's all you need to do.  

● There are some specific documents you need to provide. Please visit the Documents required at 

Q. What is an Indian e-Visa for Sri Lanka citizens and what does it look like?

A. Generally, an e-visa means an electronic visa which is also the easiest type of visa, issued by the Indian government. Well, from any website or agency you can apply and get the e-visa online. But with you will undoubtedly get the best service with 24/7 assistance and support. To know more about Indian e-visa vs Indian regular visa, by clicking here: (please add my article) 

Here's the sample of Indian e-visa for the nationals of Sri Lanka. 

Q. How urgent can I get an Indian visa online?

A. To avoid any trouble to get the visa in between proper time, please try to apply at least before 14 days of your arrival in India. But if the purpose got planned just all of a sudden and really urgent, you have to apply at least 4 days before your arrival. Your safety, security and the trouble-free journey is our responsibility.

Q. After applying for an e-visa, how long does it take to arrive?

A. Generally, after applying, it takes just around 3-5 days for the visa to be proceeded online. But you can get even faster in express service.

Q. After I have applied for an e-visa, what does happen with it next?

A. After you have submitted the application form, please keep checking your email, because we will mail you the e-visa online in PDF format. No need to unnecessarily run behind the embassies anymore! After that just go and print your e-visa because you have to show it on your arrival in India. 

Q. Do I need to apply for e-visas for my minor children too?

A. Yes, all the individuals including the minors need to carry their own passports and e-visas, regardless of their age. 

Q. How can I apply for my family or friends?

A. If you want to apply for any family or friends or anyone, firstly make sure that you have all the required documents of that person as mentioned above. Then, you can start applying by filling the form provided by us and uploading all the documents as proper evidence. But if you are applying for more than one person, hang on! Just click on the 'Add new applicant', then follow what you have done previously. 

Q. Though I have a visa, but right now I am traveling India for a reason that is not covered under my current visa. Should I travel with my old visa anyway, or just apply for a new one?

A. It is better if you travel with that kind of visa which most appropriately matches your purpose. The Indian Immigration authority won't let you enter into India if your visa type does not match the purpose of your visit to India. 

Q. What can I do if I make a mistake in my application? 

A. If you have submitted any wrong information or typed any error, well there's nothing to worry about, so calm down. In this case, please try to contact us immediately just after the submission using any of our customer services and we will assist you anyhow. You can contact us via or call: +91-8178767972. But as you have already submitted the application, so we probably won't be able to change it. So you have to apply again but this time it'll be free of cost. 


I hope this article has already cleared all your doubts regarding Indian visas for Sri Lanka nationals. But in case you still have any unsolved inquiries, please contact or visit Tourist Visa Online is 24/7 available just for you. We invest a lot, just to protect your privacy and security, so your documents and personal information is totally safe and secure with us.

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