indian visa for canada citizens important details one must know

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Any Canadians out there looking for a trip to India? Just make your trip perfect with an Indian visa for Canadian citizens.India nowadays has become one of the topmost famous tourist attractions that are filled with the beauty of mother nature and as well as the famous cultural heritages and traditional sculptures. India undoubtedly attracts literally millions of foreigners every year, among them many of our Canadian citizens as well. 

India provides a well-developed visa policy for all foreigners. The visa policy issued by the government of India consists of various types of visas and facilities, even both offline and online. To know more about the India visa system But before applying for a visa, you must require to know few details about the Indian visa for Canadian nationals


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. As a Canadian passport holder, do I need to apply for traveling in India?

A. Of course, it's mandatory to get a visa for every Canadian passport holder to enter into India. India provides a really good visa policy for all foreigners.


Q. Which one type of visa should I choose online to travel in India?

A. It basically depends on the purpose of why you are coming to India. There are various types of e-visas you can apply online. Like: 

● 180 days: Tourist e-visa, for tourism-related purposes. 

● 180 days:  Business e-visa, for any kind of business-related purposes. 

● 3 days: Transit e-visa, just to use India as a medium to reach your main destination. 

● 60 days: Medical e-visa, for your health check-up and medical treatments, though it is extendable. 


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Q. What is an Indian e-Visa for Canadian citizens and how does it look like?

A. Indian e-visa just refers to the online electronic visa. As it is the online one, it's the most popular and easy visa method to apply and enter into India. And it also takes really less time. And this is how it looks like: 


Q. How much does an Indian e-Visa cost of Canadian passport holders?

A. It actually varies with the tourist websites or agencies that you are applying with. But Tourist Visa Online gives you the best Indian e-visa services with actual cheap cost. All you have to pay is 80.0USD as visa fee and 26.0USD as the service fee. For any queries please contact 


Q. How can I apply for an Indian e-Visa from Canada?

A. Application of India e-visa is online and really easy. 


Q. How much time does the Indian e-Visa require to be processed? 

A. Indian e-visa really takes very less time to proceed. After applying, it just takes 3-5 days to get the visa online. 


Q. Do you need a printed copy of the Indian eVisa?

A. Yes, to avoid any trouble, just print a copy of your eVisa that we have sent you after your completion of the online visa application and successful payment. 


Q. How urgently can I apply for an e-visa to travel to India and can I get a visa on arrival?

A. To avoid any trouble further, please try to apply for an Indian e-visa at least 14 days before your arrival. But if it's really urgent, you can apply at least 4 days before your arrival in India. 


Q. Can I include my child in my visa as a parent?

A. Dear parents, you must note that all the individuals coming to India, need to carry their own passport and visa, irrespective of their age. So you can not include your child because the government of India will never allow that. 


Q. How long can I stay in India with an Indian e-Visa?

A. It depends on what type of visa you have applied for. Like with a tourist visa or business visa, you can stay for 180 days and a transit visa lets you stay only for 

3 days. But an Indian e-visa can give you a maximum validity of 180 days. 


Q. Can I get multiple entries with Indian tourist e-visa?

A. Yes, Indian tourist e-visa comes with multiple entries and with a stay duration of 180 days and validity of 5 years. 


Q. Is it safe to apply for an Indian visa with Tourist Visa Online?

A. To get the best Indian visa services, actually, there's no better option than Tourist Visa Online ( We are available 24/7 just to assist you and help you in any critical situations. We assure you that your online transactions and all the personal information are totally safe and secure with us. Your privacy protection and security is our responsibility. 


Conclusion: So this article has almost covered all your doubts and enquiries regarding Indian visa for Canadian citizens. If you still have any more questions, just contact and our customer service will be ready 24/7 to clear all your doubts. For anything else please drop a comment below. Have a great journey and amazing stay in India. Thank you. 

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