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India is a very hospitable country. All the nationals of this incredible country have a belief that the guests are equal to gods, the prominent saying “Atithi Devo bhava” reflects this belief.

This multicultural nation has good relations with many other nations of the world. It has bilateral consular relations with South Korea. Japan and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) have diplomatic relations with this country.

It is the most affordable nation and full of tourist places and nightlife, where one can economically spend money. One will have a spiritually uplifting experience while travelling on this mystical land.

This country has much in common with Japan, South Korea, and the UAE, as they all are Asian countries. The core traditions, beliefs, practices, etc are interlinked and similar.

The Indian policy of visa on arrival

The country offers India visa on arrival for a few countries and at landing in certain air stations only. The country gives Visa On Arrival (VOA) in certain air stations only.

These airdromes are as follows:

  • Delhi (NCT- National Capital Territory)
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad

These are the air stations to attain a visa on landing. It gives people coming to the country for medical, tourist, business, and conference purposes, visa on arrival.

This costs only 27 USD (United States Dollars) or 2,000 INR (Indian Rupees). If the citizens of the nations that can avail of the visa on landing option do not choose to arrive or cannot land in the above mentioned six airports, they must get an e-visa. They should apply for the e-visa to India if they are entering from seaports.

Five harbours where a person can show their e-visa are:

  • Cochin
  • Mangalore
  • Chennai
  • Goa
  • Mumbai

The last added countries to the list of Indian visas on arrival are Suadi Arabia, Benin, and Belarus in 2019. In the seasons when the travellers come to this hospitable country, the visa costs are reduced to 25 USD.

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Temporary suspension of Japan, South Korea, and UAE from visa on arrival policy of India

The government has suspended Japan, South Korea, and UAE from the policy due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This India Visa On Arrival Suspension for nationals of UAE is applied only if they have taken and e-visa earlier.

This is not extended or renewed after it is given. The nationals of these countries should fill the “annexure” form and VOA form and disembarked form.

This on arrival visa is suspended for the nationals of the UAE who did not get an e-visa before this. The annexure form can be filled after landing also.

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Indian visa on arrival for Japan, South Korea, and UAE

The traffic of the travellers from these three nations according to the 2017 statistics is:

  • The citizens who came to this country from Japan are 2,22,527.
  • The number of citizens of South Korea that entered the country is 47,805.
  • The number of UAE nationals coming to the country in 2019 is 34,134.

The following nations to avail of these were enabled with this type of visa option from the following years:

  • South Korean citizens were added to the list of this visa from 2015
  • The government of India added Japanese citizens to the list of the people attaining a visa on landing in 2019
  • From 2018, nationals of UAE attained the chance of having a visa on arrival.

For all of the nationals who can avail of this policy of Indian tourism, the details are made sure before it. If the nationals have their ancestral origins in Pakistan. If the parents or grandparents live in Pakistan or were born in Pakistan, the policy is not applied, no matter what the citizenship of the applicant is.

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Frequently asked queries

Question: What is the cost of this Indian visa?

Answer: It costs 2,000 INR or 27 USD for an individual. The cost remains the same for children also. 

Question: Is it safe to go to India?

Answer: It is not considered safe to go to this country. However, the crime rates are average and the people of the country are extremely friendly and hospitable.

Question: How pocket friendly is the country?

Answer: It is a very pocket-friendly country. The average expenditure or spending is only USD 15 per day.

Question: How soon can an applicant get their visa?

Answer: An emergency Indian visa is given in one or three days. For such a quick visa process one can apply for a visa by navigating toTouristvisaonline. It gives a genuine visa and is the best Online Travel Agency (OTA).

Question: What visa should I apply for if my origin is in India?

Answer: Such a person with Indian origin (PIO- Person of Indian Origin) has to apply for a tourist visa.

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