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Being one of the most desired tourist destinations all across the globe, India is blessed with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of mother nature and as well as highly modern luxurious architectures. India is literally filled with an abundance of sparkling beauty and colours, that gives a different flavour of culture, heritage and modernity all at once. Heritages like Taj Mahal, Ajanta Ellora caves, Bodh Gaya, Sun temple, Gold temple, Red Fort, Sanchi and many more, had always given the tourists a feel of love, holiness and tradition. Places like Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Goa, Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Kerala, Kolkata, Sikkim, Shimla, Odisha, Maharashtra had mesmerized all the tourists.



So have you ever dreamt of visiting these beautiful mesmerizing sites full of culture, heritage, tradition and modernity all at once?? Well, guess what? You are just one step away!! And all you need is the India visa to fly over India. So get ready and start packing up, and here's all the required information about the visa policy of India.


About India Visa

Before applying for an Indian visa, you need to have a clear concept on it. So here are the details of Visas granted by India.

  • Firstly you need a passport and visa to legally enter any city. And your passport must have validity for six months beyond the validity of your requested visa.

 There are multiple types of visas :

1. 180 days tourist visa

2. 180 days business visa

3.  days  transit visa

  •  You can have a single entry or a multiple entry visa in a year too.
  • It almost takes 3-5 days to process the visa.

  • Visa validity usually lasts around 3-5 years. 

  • So are you foreigners with non-Indian origin? Well, dear applicant, to travel to India, you require me to be 18 years old!! Children above 16 years must need to possess a separate valid national passport for travelling in India.

  • In case you are a citizen of the following countries, you don't require any visa for travelling in India. 

    • Nepal 

    • Bhutan

But only if you are entering via the borders of their own countries.



Steps to Apply for India Visa Online

So here is the brief three steps to apply Indian visa online:

Step 1: Fill the India Visa Application first:

  • Firstly you need to choose your living and citizenship country.

  • Then you have to choose your type of visa you want.

  • After choosing that, you have to fill the Indian visa application form provided by us.

  • Then finally you need to upload the required documents for an Indian visa.

    • Birth certificate or NID

    • Bank statement/Dollar endorsement /Active international credit card / Travelcard.(Any of these)

    • Latest Utility Bill copy.

    • Scanned copy of Professional proof 

    • Last passport copy and all old passports. 

Step 2: Pay Visa Fee Online :

  • Select the payment mode first.

  • Pay the visa fees using PayPal/Credit Card/ Debit Card.

  • After payment is done, you'll receive a payment confirmation mail and application ID.

Step 3: Finally Get Your e-Visa:

  • By using our platform, you can track your visa status online.

  • Once your visa is approved. Congo! You can download it.

  • And finally, just verify the visa and here you are, ready to fly!!


Benefits of applying Indian Visa through Tourist Visa Online?

  • The system is very convenient and handy to use.
  • It has easy navigation with a sincere working process.

  • No waiting period for the visa to be granted.

  • No need to send the travel document for stamping.

  • So just chill and here goes the information which you need to follow:

    • A US citizen can get 6 months,5 years, 10 years tourist visa under a bilateral agreement.

    • But for a non- US resident the eligibility is up to 6 months. The maximum duration of stay in India is limited to 6 months (180 days) on each visit.


Types of Indian Visas

There are mainly three types of Indian visas which are issued by the government. Each visa contains some basic differences and information that helps the government to know about their purposes of visiting India and understand their work. Please understand, your choice solemnly depends on the objective for what you are visiting India.

1. Tourist Visa

In the case of a tourist visa, you must not have a stable residence or occupation in India. Basically a Tourist Visa is granted only for visiting India for recreation, sightseeing, tours or just casual visits to meet friends and relatives and attaining any special function or occasion etc. With a Tourist Visa, no other activities are permissible. You must note that this visa is only for 180 days. The visa validity is for 5 years and you can have multiple entries during this valid period.

2. Business Visa

Business Visa is basically a non-immigrant visa and it's strictly given to only those who are interested in making a business-related trip to India, for making sales or establishing contact to any company or to the government on behalf of their own company in foreign. This visa is also for 180 days. It also has a validity of 5 years and one can have multiple entries in that period. You must note that if you are going for employment in projects/contracts to work in India, you can't apply for a Business Visa, you need an Employment Visa provided by the government in that case.


3. Transit Visa

A Transit Visa is only used for the purpose of enabling the visa holder to travel through India to reach his/her ultimate destination. You can just pass through India. No change of purpose is allowed in this case. Using a Transit Visa you can stay only for 3 days and it has a validity of 14 days. One can use this visa only for a single entry. You can get it by only 3 days of application. And please keep that in mind that it doesn't have extension permission, thus, it is a non-extendable visa.

In the case of Medical Visa, Tourist visa online provides really good facilities. Most patients travel to India for medical purposes because we have a very cost-effective medical system. And this visa has the extension permission.



Q. What is the time duration of procuring a visa?

A. It basically takes time according to the situation if all your documents and information are duly submitted. The procession basically requires 3-5 working days.

Q. How will the visa authority send me my visa?

A. The Visa Authority will send you the visa online, just by using the email id that you have registered in the application form of Indian visa. 

Q. Is it necessary to get a visa for my children or infant?

A. No, according to the Indian law all children with the age of above 16 years must have a passport. Visa is really necessary from the age of 18 years.

Q. How many days one can stay in India using a single visa?

A. It basically depends on the type of visa you are using. If you are using the Tourist Visa or the Business Visa, you can stay for 180 days with a validity of 5 years and multiple entries. But if you are using the Transit Visa, you can stay only for 3 days, with a validity of 14 days and a single entry. 

Q. How can I cancel my visa application ?

A. You must have to complete the visa application cancellation form and then you need to submit an explanation letter written in English and signed by the applicant on why you are cancelling it.

Q. Can I get a refund of my visa fees?

A. No. You can't get any refund as the payment of the visa fees allows you to submit a visa application. But the refund is not eligible.

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