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Today, it's hassle-free to obtain an India visa for Andorra passport holders. Now, instead of going to an Indian embassy, you can do it at home. Only use a computer or smartphone to access the Internet. You can apply for such a document for more than 150 nationalities but must always make sure you are registered. You can check whether you need an Indian Visa to visit India by visiting the Tourist Visa Online website.  It is efficient to use and saves you a great deal of research into the visa policy.

Documents Required for India Visa for Andorra Passport Holders

  • Form of request for a visa.
  • The digital image to be submitted should meet the following criteria — the height and width of the picture should be equal to the visa submission. Full face, front view, eyes open should present in a photo.
  • Passports with at least two blank pages must have a minimum validity of six months from the requested date.
  • Proof that Indian citizenship has been renounced.
  • Copy of the certificate of naturalization.
  • Address proof.
  • For Minor: birth certificate photocopying.

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Documents Required for Business Visa

  • Business card copy.
  • Any invitation letter (optional) from Indian parties that would like you to carry out a business.

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Requirements that Digital Photo should Fulfill

  • The photo should be in JPEG format.
  • Size: 10 KB minimum, max 1 MB.
  • The picture must be equal in dimensions.
  • The image should show a full face, face view, open eyes, and no shows.
  • Total head from the hair top to the bottom of the center of the frame
  • The backdrop should be pure light or white.
  • No shadows on the background or the face
  • No boundaries
  • Photograph and details scanned Bio Page of the passport
  • PDF format
  • Size: 10 KB minimum, 300 KB maximum.

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Q. I'm an Andorra citizen and passport holder, so do I need a visa to enter India?

Ans.   Yeah, of course, to enter and visit India, all the people of Andorra need a visa. But nothing to be thought about! A visa for Indians can be easily obtained online with Tourist Visa Online. 

Q. How many types of visas do Andorra people can apply for?

Ans.  India is undoubtedly providing different types of visas with a well-developed visa policy. Although some of the most common types of visas still exist. The following are:

  • Tourist visa: it comes with 180 days stay and several entries for 3 to 5 years.
  • Visa for businesses: This also requires a 180 day stay with several entries over a period of nearly five years.
  • Transit Visas: Normally used to enter the final destination when someone uses India only as a media. It comes with three-day stability and one single entry for a span of 14 days.
  • Medical visa: issued nearly for medical and inspection care. It has a stay valid for 60 days but can be extended with just one entry.

Q. How do I apply for the Malaysian Indian Visa online? 

Ans.  In general, this answer depends on where you apply for this visa. When you use any organization or website, they will provide you with all the information you need. But you need to follow four simple steps via us, Tourist Visa Online. Those are the following:

  • Complete all the general information required in the online application form. 
  • Present now with sufficient evidence all needed documents
  • You then have to pay online with your PayPal or credit or debit card or from your bank account directly or by some other option.
  • You only have 48-72 hours to wait until you obtain a confirmation e-visa online via e-mail from the application form you have submitted and checked.

Q. How much time will I obtain an Indian visa?

Ans. The period depends upon the type of visa you apply for. However, it is generally valid for up to 5 years and remains useful for Andorra people for 180 days.

Q. How long does an Indian e-Visa application from Andorra have to take?

Ans. The online visa application and payment online usually take about 10-20 minutes.

Q. How long is it appropriate to process an Indian e-Visa?

Ans. Your e-visa hardly takes three to five to be completed by the quickest Tourist Visa Online service.

Q. What kind of visa can I request if I have a spouse or child of an Indian origin?

Ans. Spouses or children of an Indian-born person known as the PIO must go to India for a tourist visa when traveling to visit relatives, for some occasion, or because of tourist reasons.

Q. Why should I apply India Visa for Andorra Passport holders from Tourist Visa Online?

Ans. Tourist Visa Online has a world-class service providing a wide variety of services, including pick-up and car service, hotel service, tours, and so forth. Tourist Visa Online is open 24 hours every day to support you. All your details to be secure with us, we invest enough in your privacy and protection. If you book your visa with us, you should have no concerns further.  We are here with you all the time. For more information, visit What are you waiting for? Book your India visa for Andorra Passport holders and see the beautiful country filled with culture, the best tourist places and enjoy the freshness of nature. 

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