indian visa for france passport holders most required informations you must know

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All citizens of France can easily spend an amazing time in India, just by accessing an Indian visa for France passport holders. Being one of the most popular travel destinations, India attracts many of France citizens to visit India's beautiful cultural heritage and modern sculptures. India also provides a highly modified visa policy with many different types of visa.

One can apply for an India visa online or offline from any part of their country. But with the assistance of Tourist Visa Online, you can get the top most facilities. But before applying for a visa, you must know some really important information regarding India visa for France citizens


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. I am a citizen and passport holder of France. So if I want to visit India, do I require a passport?

A. Yes, all the citizens of France with non-Indian origin must require a visa to enter into India. You can get any type of visa.


Q. As there's various types of Indian visas, which one should I choose to travel to India? 

A. Yes, that's right, India provides you a highly modified visa policy with various types of visas. But you must choose the visa according to your purpose. Like: 

● If you're interested in visiting India, then you should choose an Indian Tourist Visa with 180 days validity. 

● If you are coming for business purposes, you must choose the Indian Business Visa with a validity of 180 days. 

● If you just want to reach your final destination via India, you can apply for a 3 days Transit Visa. 

● If you are coming for medical treatments and check-up, please choose Medical Visa. Though it is for 60 days, it can be extended.


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Q. How can I get an Indian visa online? Please describe the online application process and the documents required.

A. It basically depends on where you are applying for the Indian visa. If you are applying via an online website or tourist agency, hopefully, they will provide you with all the information. But if you are applying via us, Tourist Visa Online, we provide you just a few easiest steps. 

○ Firstly fill the application form online and upload the required documents as you are asked for. 

○ Then you have to choose your online payment method and pay via PayPal or your internationally valid credit card or debit card or any other given options. You will receive a registration id after the payment is done successfully. 

○ Finally, wait until you get the confirmation email and verify it. Hola! Welcome to India!! 

● There are some specific documents you need to provide.


Q. What is an Indian e-Visa for France citizens and what does it look like?

A. Indian e-visa means electronic visa that is the easiest issued visa by the government of India. You can easily apply it online from any website. But with Tourist Visa Online you will undoubtedly get the best service.


Q. How much time does it take to apply for Indian visa online?

A. It actually depends on where and how you are applying for Indian visa and also on your typing skills. You just need to fill the application form and upload the required information with proper evidence and pay online. Then wait until you get the confirmation email and finally verify it. This whole process takes around 10-20 minutes approximately. 


Q. How urgent can I get an Indian visa online?

A. If it's really urgent, you can apply at least 4 days before your arrival in India. But to avoid any kind of trouble, please be sure to apply at least 14 days before your arrival. Your trouble-free safe journey is our responsibility. Please contact for more details. 


Q. What are the documents I need to take with myself while travelling around India?

A. After coming to India, please try to carry a few documents as proper evidence while travelling in India. Those are: Your passport and visa, your identity card and other necessary documents. 


Q. Can I enter India from any point of entry with my Indian tourist e-visa?

A. No. There are some certain entry points from which e-visa get the allowance to enter. The following airports are: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar , Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Port Blair , Pune, Tiruchirapalli, Varanasi, Thiruvananthapuram and Visakhapatnam . And there are 5 seaports which also get the allowance: Chennai, Cochin, Goa, New Mangalore and Mumbai. 


Q. I have a refugee travel document. Can I travel with it instead of a passport?

A. No. The Government of India never allows this facility. So the travellers who want to get an Indian visa online must need to have a valid passport document. So please be sure to apply for an Indian e-visa. 


Q. Why should I choose the Tourist Visa Online?

A. Tourist Visa Online undoubtedly provides you with one of the best services with the visa policy. They provide you with all the necessary facilities including pickup service, hotel service, tour guidance and many more. And we invest a lot to keep your identity and information totally safe with us. Your trouble-free safe and secure journey is our duty so we provide you 24/7 service. To know more about us please visit Tourist Visa Online.


Conclusion: I guess this article has covered all your doubts regarding Indian visas for France citizens. If you still have any unsolved enquiry, please contact or visit Tourist Visa Online is 24/7 available just for you. For anything else please comment below. Have a great trip to India. Thank you. 

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