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Planning a trip to India, get the best travel experience by choosing an Indian visa for Australian Citizens. Nowadays India has become one of the most famous tourist destinations among the whole world due it's an amazing culture with a mixture of heritage, tradition, and modernity all at once. It attracts lots of Australian citizens every year for travel tourism. So India provides an amazing visa policy with various  Types of India Visa.

Dear Australian citizens if you also have a desire to visit India. Just grab your visa and fly over here. India always welcomes you. You can get an India visa online or offline. But online e-visa is the best one. 

So, if you are an Australian citizen before you apply for Indian e-Visa, there are few things you must know. So just have a look! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I am an Australian passport holder. Do I need a visa to enter India?

A. Yes, all the Australian citizens with non-Indian origin need to apply for a visa to travel to India. 


Q. What is Indian e-Visa for Australian citizens?

A. Indian e-visa means an electronic visa, that's the easiest and best method to get the visa. You can apply and get the visa totally online. And we, Tourist Visa Online provides you with one of the best visa services. 


Q. How many types of visas are there for Australians to apply? A. There are various types of e-visa, Australian citizens can apply. Those are: 

● Tourist e-visa which is applicable for 180 days 

● Business e-visa which is also applicable for 180 days 

● Transit e-visa that you can get for 3 days only. 

Medical e-visa, though it is available for 60 days it's extendable.


Q. How long in advance I need to apply for an Indian visa as an Australian citizen?

A. Basically, to avoid any further visa-related problems, it's advised to every Australian citizen, you should apply 14 days before your arrival. If that's not possible, then please try to get your visa at least 4 days before your arrival. 


Q. What are the documents I need to provide in order to apply Indian visa online?

A. You must have to submit some evidence to provide the desired information to apply for an Indian e-visa online. 

● Passport requirement: Your passport must need to be valid for the next 6 months at least. 

● Your own passport size photograph: 2-3 in number. 

● Scanned photographs of the first and last pages of the passports (Only if required). 

● Some special requirements: Here are some special criteria for Businesses e-visa and Medical e-Visa, those are: ○ If you are applying for Indian business e-visa, then you must have to submit the confirmation letter from the Indian company or the organization as an employee. 

○ And if you want to go for a medical e-visa, you must have to submit a letter from any of the hospitals in India where you are going to admit or take the medical check-up. 


Q. I'm an Australian citizen, how can I apply for an Indian visa online?

A. It actually depends on where you are applying for the visa. You can apply via any of your nearest embassies or any agency or through any online website. But if you are applying through us, Tourist Visa Online, there are three easiest steps that you need to maintain. Those are: 

● Firstly you have to fill the application form online and submit all the required documents that we asked you to provide. 

● Then you need to choose your online payment method like you can use PayPal or your valid international credit card or debit card or any other given options. Then you will get the registration id. 

● Finally, you will receive the visa online then you just need to verify it. 

● Hola! Here to go! Ready to explore India! 


Q. How much time does it take for an Indian e-Visa to proceed?

A. If you are applying for e-Visa, then the visa procession generally takes 3-5 days. But you can get even faster, to know more please contact: 


Q. How much time does it take to apply for an Indian e-Visa online?

A. It depends on where you are applying and your typing skills. But it won't take more than 10-15 minutes. Because all you have to do is fill the application form and submit the required documents and pay online then wait till you get the email. 


Q. How much can an Indian e-Visa cost for Australian citizens?

A. For all the Australian citizens, Tourist Visa Online offers the best service at a really low cost. Here you have to pay just 80.0USD as visa fee and 26.0USD as the service fee. 


Q. Can Australian Diplomatic/Official passport holders or Laissez-passer travel document holders get an e-Visa?

A. No, any Australian Diplomatic/Official Passport holder or Laissez-passer travel document holder can never apply for an e-visa. Even the emergency/limited passport holders also can't get an Indian e-Visa. 


Q. I am an Australian citizen, can I get a visa on arrival?

A. No dear. The government of India never allows any permission for the visa on arrival for any foreign countries including Australia. And to avoid any trouble during the journey, please try to apply online a certain time before your arrival in India. 


Q. Why should I choose a Tourist Visa Online to get an e-Visa service?

A. Tourist Visa Online provides you with a world-class service with so many facilities like pickup and car service, hotel service, tour guidance, and so on. We are available 24/7 just to help you out in any situation. We do enough investment in your privacy and security so your personal information is totally safe and secure with us. And here's nothing more to worry about!! We are always here for you. Please visit for more details. 


Conclusion: So hopefully this article has cleared all your doubts and desired inquiries. Tourist Visa Online is always here for you with the best service with facilities. If you have any more unsolved questions regarding Indian visa for Australian citizens, feel free to contact or you can visit and just feel free to comment below. Have a great trip to India. Thank you. 

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