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Visiting India for any purpose from all the way German, get the best trouble-free journey and trip to India with Indian visa for German Citizens. India is full of wonders with an amazing culture where you can easily find heritage, modernity, tradition, and luxury all in one. So undoubtedly India attracts millions of tourists every year and many of them are Germany citizens as well. So any Germany citizen out there, wishing to visit these wonders of India? What are you waiting for then? Just get your visa and passport now and fly over here. 

One can apply and get an India visa online or offline. But the online application is the easiest and most smooth one for all the German citizens. So Apply now! Get your visa and fly to India! Before applying for an Indian visa online, there are few things all German citizens must know. Let's have a quick glance and clear all your doubts! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. I am a German passport holder. Do I need to apply for a visa to visit India?

A. Yes, every German citizen with non-Indian origin must require a visa in order to visit India. You can also know more about Indian Visa Policy


Q. What types of visa Germany citizens can apply online to visit India? 

A. German citizens especially need to apply for e-Visa to get it online. And Indian e-Visa can be of various types; like: 

● Tourist e-visa that comes with a duration of 180 days and multiple entries. 

● Business e-visa that comes with a duration of 180 days and multiple entries 

● Transit e-visa that comes with a validity of 3 days and a single entry. 

India Medical e-visa that has a validity of 60 days yet comes with a single entry. But don't worry! It can be extended. 


Q. Which documents do I need to present to apply for Indian e-Visa online?

A. You must have to submit some evidence to provide the desired information to apply for an India e-visa online. 

● Applicant's passports must be valid for at least the next 6 months of your arrival in India. 

● Applicants must need to submit passport size digital photographs around 2-3 in number. 

● An applicant needs to present the scanned copies of the front and back pages of the passport but only if you are asked for 

● But here are some specific evidence only the applicants of Businesses e-visa and Medical e-Visa need to provide, those are: 

○ In the case of Indian business e-visa, you need to submit the copy of the confirmation letter from any Indian company or the organization, that you are going to work as an employee. 

○ And in case of medical e-visa, you have to submit a letter from the hospital of India from where you are going to take the medical check-up. 


Q. How long is an Indian e-Visa valid for?

A. Generally, Indian e-Visa gives you a total validity of 365 days. But if you have applied for the traditional Indian visa, then you can even get validity of 3-5 years. 


Q. How much time in advance should I apply for the visa?

A. This one is just advised to you to avoid any further troubles and have a safe journey in India. So it's better to apply for the visa at least 14 days before your arrival in India. But it's a must that you should get the visa minimum 4 days before coming to India. 


.Q.  How long does the e-visa take to proceed?

A. Generally, the whole visa application takes around 3-5 days to proceed. But with Tourist Visa Online, you can get it faster. To know more please contact 


Q. How much time does it take to apply for an e-visa online?

A. Basically the time to apply online depends on your typing skills, network connection, and via where you are applying like different agencies or websites and so on. But via Tourist Visa Online, it'll take only 10-15 minutes. 


Q. Can I include any of my family members or child in my visa? 

A. No, you can't include any of your family members or child in your visa. Every individual (especially with ages above 18 years) needs to carry their own passport and visa. Dear parents, please note that to avoid any trouble during the journey from Germany to India. 


Q. Is an Indian e-Visa too expensive for the Germany citizens?

A. Absolutely not. Especially with Tourist Visa Online, you can get visa services and other facilities at a really affordable price. You just need to pay 80.0USD as visa fee and then 26.0USD for service fees. For more information please visit: India Visa for German Citizens

Q. Can I track my visa application online?

A. Yes, you can easily track your visa online. If you have applied via any agency or online travel website, just ask them and they will provide you with all the necessary information required in order to track your visa. But if you have applied with us on Tourist Visa Online, just contact us by


Q. Why should I choose Tourist Visa Online to apply for Indian e-Visa?

A. Tourist Visa Online provides you with the most customer-friendly world-class visa service with top facilities. We 24/7 hours available for you, to help you with any condition. We always provide you with a fast forward visa and totally safe and secure online transaction. Your privacy and security really matter for us, so we invest a lot in that. We are always here for you. So trust me! Tourist Visa Online is where you really can get the best services. 


Conclusion: So I hope this article here has been able to clear all of your queries. If not, please feel free to contact or you can visit Tourist Visa Online or you can ask anything in the comment section below as well. Have a great holiday trip from Germany to India. Thank you. 

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